‘Diabetes’, which causes neuropathy, ‘blood sugar control’ is essential to prevent complications [쉬운 신경질환사전]

[쉬운 신경질환사전]is a series of articles designed by neurologist Hanseung Lee (Herbal Neurology Clinic) and Hidak on the topic of neurological diseases in everyday life. Common but vague symptoms such as ‘eyelid tremors’, ‘dizziness’, ‘drip hands and feet’, and ‘various headaches’ are explained in a way that is easy for the public to understand. Diabetes […]

Muscles that keep getting tight… Can be solved with ‘Upper trapezius stretch’

The upper trapezius is a broad, long trapezoid-shaped muscle located at the back of the body. It is involved in various movements around the scapula and helps to stabilize the neck and shoulder. If the upper trapezius muscle is shortened due to lack of exercise and incorrect posture, the muscle is easily agglomerated and there […]

“What if your feet feel numb and tingling?”… ‘This disease’ may increase myocardial infarction risk | News/Columns | health story

Small fiber neuropathy is a disease characterized by neuropathic pain and autonomic dysfunction due to damage to nerve fibers with a small diameter in the peripheral nervous system. If microfibrillar neuropathy continues, the sense of balance or body coordination may be weakened, so caution is required. If you experience numbness, stinging, burning, or pain in […]