‘Diabetes’, which causes neuropathy, ‘blood sugar control’ is essential to prevent complications [쉬운 신경질환사전]

[쉬운 신경질환사전]is a series of articles designed by neurologist Hanseung Lee (Herbal Neurology Clinic) and Hidak on the topic of neurological diseases in everyday life. Common but vague symptoms such as ‘eyelid tremors’, ‘dizziness’, ‘drip hands and feet’, and ‘various headaches’ are explained in a way that is easy for the public to understand. Diabetes […]

ADCETRIS becomes the first-line treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma?

Image source: EHA official website [메디칼업저버 박선재 기자] The results of a six-year follow-up study that showed that the addition of ADCETRIS (ingredient: brentuximab vedotin) to conventional chemotherapy for classical Hodgkin lymphoma improved overall survival (OS) was published. As a result of this study, interest is growing whether Takeda Pharmaceutical’s ADCETRIS (ingredient name: brentuximab vedotin), […]