How to live a long and healthy life?…Two secrets for ‘longevity without disease’

As we move beyond an aging society and into a senior age society, interest in healthy and long-lived, so-called disease-free, longevity is increasing. Many people make various efforts, such as exercise and adjusting their diet, to achieve disease-free longevity. Experts say that a clear sense of purpose in life and social activities are just as […]

“Finasteride vs Dutasteride”… Hair loss pills, which one should I take? [모락모락]

The age of 10 million people with hair loss. [모락모락(毛樂毛樂)]is a special article for those who are losing precious hair. Together with plastic surgery specialist Park Soo-jin (Maxwell Dermatology), we provide clear answers to various hair loss information and questions. The representative treatment method used in the treatment of hereditary hair loss is ‘taking drugs’. […]

What are the red spots on my child’s body?

Hemangioma, a skin disease where blood vessels are bundled in the skin and look red, is a relatively common skin disease that occurs in one in ten new-born babies. It can occur anywhere on the body, including the face, head, torso and limbs. Although it is a benign tumor that does not progress to cancer, […]

‘High protein vs low protein’… How much protein is right for me?

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which serve as sources of energy for our body, are known as the three main nutrients. Among them, protein is a source of energy and at the same time a basic element that composes our body. However, the fact that protein plays an important role in many parts of the body […]