Popular Front Relation: Suspended Cop | Popular Front Link: Cop suspended

Kochi: A policeman in Ernakulam has been suspended following the discovery of his links with the Popular Front. Civilian police officer Siad of Kaladi police station in Ernakulam district has been suspended. The action is under investigation. The Perumbavoor police had detained three people, including a young relative of Siyad, in the attack on a […]

The Electoral Commission says there is no link between the Popular Front and the SDPI No links have been found between PFI and SDPI, says the head of the polling body

The Election Commission has said that there is no connection between the Popular Front and the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), an organization that was banned from operating in the country a few days ago. The Electoral Commission said no evidence linking the two organizations had been found so far. On 28 September, the […]

5.06 crore compensation to those who called for hartal: KSRTC – Hartal | KSRTC

Kochi: KSRTC in the High Court demanding compensation for the incidents when buses were attacked during the hartal held by the Popular Front. Those who called for the hartal have demanded a compensation of Rs 5.06 crore. The Popular Front announced a lightning hartal in protest against the NIA raids and arrests at the Popular […]

A popular front hits a hartal; So far 1287 people have been arrested in the state

Thiruvananthapuram: Widespread arrests were made in the state today in the violent incidents that took place on the hartal day called by the Popular Front. So far 308 cases have been registered in the state related to hartal violence. Out of this 1287 people were arrested. The police also said that 834 people are under […]

violence pfi harthal 308 cases registered 1287 arrests

Thiruvananthapuram: So far 308 cases have been registered in the state in connection with the attacks following the Popular Front hartal. 1287 were arrested and accused in various acts of violence. 834 people were taken into custody. 25 cases were registered in Thiruvananthapuram City. 52 people are arrested. There are 151 people in custody. Thiruvananthapuram […]