Capcom Cafe Ikebukuro will collaborate with the anime “Night with Cats”! In addition, the main collaboration visual is also released! | Press release from Capcom Co., Ltd.

■Click here for the main visual of the anime collaboration “Yoru wa Neko i Issho”! In the main visual of this time, the long-legged munchkin “Kyurga” is relaxing in the Capcom Cafe, together with “Nargacuga” who appears in the “Monster Hunter” series, “Narga Kyurga” can only be seen in Capcom Cafes. also appeared! We are […]

[Y MIL KYOTO]Chef Wataru Iwata has been selected as Japan’s representative at the ASI World’s Best Sommelier Competition 2023 | Press release Keihan Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd.

What is the “ASI World’s Best Sommelier Competition”? Organized by the International Sommelier Association (ASI) since 1969. Once every three years, sommeliers selected from around the world compete in knowledge and skills such as “written test”, “tasting” and “service skills” to decide on the best in the world. Chef Sommelier Wataru Iwata Born in Aichi […]

The second collaboration between the VTuber female group “Holo Live” and “Tokyo Sky Tree Town (R)”, “Holo Live x Tokyo Sky Tree Town (R) 2nd Holo Tsuri 2022 ~ Winter with HO ~” will be held! | Cover Co., Ltd. press release

The original goods limited to the event include an “acrylic stand” using a limited original picture drawn by 6 VTubers belonging to “Holo Live”, a “charm in the form of amulets” with a personal message, and “Mochikororin too big”. items such as the giant gacha used as a reward will appear. In addition to the […]

MARCOMONDE CHRISTMAS MARKET!! 12/6-12/16 | Drawer Press Release

MARCOMONDE develops socks that make you feel like you’re traveling, with the theme of one country or period each season. CHRISTMAS MARKET will start from 12/6 (Mar) at SPIRAL Showcase again this year. This year, there are many items that are perfect for the gift season, such as collection lines designed by designers remembering Barcelona […]

“KING OF FIGHTERS XV” Season 2 starts in January 2023! “Shingo Yabuki” is introduced as the first DLC character of Season 2! In addition, game balance adjustments for each character have also been implemented! !

KOF XV Season 2 Announcement Trailer “KOF XV” enters the long-awaited season 2 of January 2023! Since its release in February 2022, “KOF XV” has added 13 DLC characters and various updates as Season 1. The long-awaited season 2 will start in January 2023! In January, we will introduce “Shingo Yabuki” as the first […]

[Diweddaraf yn 2022]How to deal with iPhone fingerprint authentication not responding[PassFab iPhone Unlock]| Press release PassFab Co., Ltd.

Fingerprint authentication on the iPhone is very convenient because you can skip entering a password, but there are cases where fingerprint authentication doesn’t respond or you can’t unlock the screen even though you want to unlock it with fingerprint authentication. If you cannot authenticate your fingerprint on your iPhone, you will have to enter your […]

Competitive action RPG “Granblue Fantasy Versus” official tournament “GBVS Cygames Cup 2022 October 2022” qualifiers are over, TOP8 have been completed!

■Formula Conference “GCygames BVS Cup 2022 October」Qualifying result・ TOP8Introduction The PlayStation® version of the official tournament “GBVS Cygames Cup 2022 October” will be held on November 19th (Saturday), and the Steam® version of the qualifier will be held online on the 20th (Sunday). division have been completed. ▼PlayStation® TOP8 version [Rhestr enwau chwaraewr TOP8] Buggy, […]

The latest issue of “Premium Headphone Guide Magazine”, a specialist magazine for earphone / headphone enthusiasts, vol.19 2022 WINTER, is now on sale! | Ongen Publishing press release

Introductory feature 5-star headphone masterpiece selection in the world winter 2022 This winter, the editorial department has carefully selected the items you should definitely listen to! Interviews with designers/engineers from manufacturers around the world that can only be read here. YAMAHA “YH-5000SE” / MEZE SOUND “109 Pro” / SHURE “SE846 (2nd Generation)” / UNIQUE MULTI […]

[Hyd at 45,000 ¥ OFF]The ultimate robot vacuum cleaner “Narwal Freo” that allows you to “think” and act on your own Black Friday discount sale!

Narwhal Freo Black Friday Sale Overview Nawal will start selling on the official website from November 22nd. This time sale is a big discount from the regular “now only” price! Don’t miss this opportunity! Campaign period: November 22nd (Tuesday) – November 28th (Monday) Special sale price: 144,800 yen to 160,476 yen (tax included) *Up […]