Mindoro prison officer found positive for coronavirus – The Manila Times

CALAPAN CITY, Oriental Mindoro: According to Governor Eduardo Gadiano, a female detainee was the last positive coronavirus case in the island province. In a post on his official provincial website, Gadiano said the patient was a 40-year-old staff member from the Penitentiary Management and Penology Bureau in the capital of San Jose. The patient is […]

Egyptian belly dancer receives three years in prison for ‘sexually aggressive’ TikTok videos

A number of influential women have recently been targeted by Cairo for promoting “prostitution” on social media. They now face a real prison sentence for their allegedly indecent behavior. Prominent Egyptian actress and belly dancer, Sama el-Masry, was sentenced to three years in prison on Saturday for incitement to “debauchery” and “immorality” on social media […]

Egypt, belly dancer Sama El Masry sentenced to 3 years in prison for “inciting immorality and debauchery”

Three years in prison by “incitement toimmorality and debauchery. ” This is the sentence imposed by a Cairo court to the belly dancer Sama El Masry, who will also have to pay a fine of 16 thousand euros and will be 3 years old surveillance by the police. The accusation – recalls the agency Mena […]

Sentenced to less than two years in prison for robbery by stunning a chemical-impregnated napkin – Criminal records – News

The verdict states that the man was in Ivan’s cemetery last November around 1 pm, where he noticed his victim. He approached the woman from behind and placed a pre-prepared napkin on her face, which had been impregnated with a substance not found in the investigation, during which the woman lost consciousness. While the woman […]

DNA mix involving washing machine kept man in prison for 3 years

Singer shared the documents with Suzanna Ryan, an independent DNA analyst. Based on her review, she also suspected a change and asked to retest the samples. At Pure Gold Forensics, a private laboratory in Redlands, California, she found that the only identifiable source of DNA on the washing machine pad was not the victim, as […]

Desecration of graves and a number of other crimes are sentenced to two years in prison In the spotlight

The Zemgale District Court in Dobele has sentenced a man sentenced to two years in prison for five different crimes, including desecration and theft, according to a publicly available anonymised sentence. The judgment explains that the man committed his criminal activities in the period from 2015 to 2017. In the autumn of 2015, a man […]

Trump orders to punish those who attack monuments with “long prison terms”

The President of the USA, Donald Trump, signed an order this Friday to protect the monuments, memorials and statues after they’ve been targeted by attacks in the middle of racial protests in the country and which punishes with “long sentences of prison”To those responsible. “I have just had the privilege of signing a very strong […]

What is the threat of punishing young Vladimír Polívka? Up to ten years in prison!

Concussion, broken head, swelling of the face and bruised ribs, these are the list of injuries that the son of Bolek Polívka and Chantal Poullain Vladimír Polívek on Wednesday morning, he caused one or more assailants as he returned home from a restaurant where his girlfriend works. In addition, the aggressors robbed the young actor […]

A Moscow court imposes a suspended prison sentence on director Serebrenikov

Director Kirill Serebrenikov in the Moscow court. Photo: AFP / SCANPIX / LETA A court in Moscow that convicted director Kirill Serebrenikov of large-scale fraud on Friday sentenced him to three years in prison. Serebrenikov was also fined 800,000 rubles (about 10,000 euros). Moscow’s Meshchansk District Court stated that Serebrenikov’s “correction is possible without real […]

Sara Connor, a Byron Bay woman, imprisoned for her role in the death of Bali police officer Wayan Sudarsa, is about to leave Kerobokan prison in Indonesia

Sara Connor, a woman from Byron Bay, spent four years behind bars in Bali for her role in the death of the Kuta policeman. In July, the 49-year-old woman is expected to leave Kerobokan prison and be deported to her two adored adolescent sons. Sentenced to five years in prison, Connor has received annual remission, […]