European Investment Bank approves EUR 22 million financing for Verde office center project in Riga – Branches – Financenet

EUR 22 million is to be provided from the EIB’s investment package to combat climate change. “The construction of energy-efficient buildings will be an important part of the recovery of the green economy after the current crisis. We hope to complete the loan coordination negotiations with the project owners as soon as possible, “said Marko […]

Is the takeover project led by Mourad Boudjellal credible?

Frank McCourt, Mourad Boudjellal and Emmanuel Macron, at the Mayol stadium in Toulon, March 6, 2017. – David Niviere / SIPA Mourad Boudjellal announced Friday that he would file a plan to buy Olympique de Marseille with investors from the Middle East. Since then, he has constantly praised the reliability of the project in many […]

Center cancels 2,900 rupee crore bridge project in Bihar over Chinese investment | India News

In the midst of growing tensions between India and China on the real control line, the Center canceled the call for tenders for a bridge project over the Ganga river in Bihar following the involvement of two Chinese companies in the mega project. A senior Bihar government official said that two of the four contractors […]

Confront Corona, India Opens Largest Hospital Project in the World

Jakarta – Government India claim to be building one hospital (RS) with the largest capacity in the world to deal with the Corona COVID-19 virus outbreak. On Sunday (6/28/2020), some facilities at the Sardar Patel COVID Care Center were reported to have started operating. India’s Housing Minister, Amit Shah, said Sardar Patel COVID Care Center […]

From Los Angeles: Angel Food project raises $ 700,000 in emergency telethon: find out who did what and how to donate

Home Celebrity From Los Angeles: Project Angel Food raises $ 700,000 in emergency telethon: See … Our friends in Los Angeles are working so hard on Project Angel Food, the West Coast equivalent of God’s Love We Deliver from New York. People are in desperate need of food right now! The Angel Food project raised […]

The Lincoln Project: New announcement by the Republican anti-Trump group denounces the President over the “ biggest generation ” coronavirus deaths

“They did nothing less than save the world … and it was not without great sacrifices”, intones the narrator on images from the time of the Second World War, recalling how the generations previous ones have given up their comfortable life for noble causes. . the ad speak Lincoln Project, a political action committee formed […]

Center Cancels Bihar Mega Bridge Project Involving Chinese Businesses | India News

PATNA: The Center canceled the tender for a mega bridge project over the Ganges in Bihar as Chinese companies are involved, officials said on Sunday. “Two of the four contractors selected for the project were Chinese and the tender was canceled due to their involvement,” said a senior government official in Bihar. The capital cost […]

What is behind the dispute over the largest dam project in Africa? | Sudan

For thousands of years, the Nile has been the backbone of civilizations and a source of conflict. The final dispute concerns the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam, the largest hydroelectric dam project in Africa. The Ethiopian government says its $ 4 billion Blue Nile project will provide energy for more than 100 million citizens and create […]

Australia’s Internet project still not finished

The deployment of the national broadband network is expected to be completed on Tuesday, but more than 100,000 Australians are still not connected. Experts say nation may need wait years more to see the project fully finished. At the same time, its cost continues to explode – estimated at $ 10 billion compared to original […]