Tokyo Newspaper “Fukushima contaminated water can leave a ruin

He also pointed out a problem with the government’s explanation that the contaminated water will be diluted with sea water to lower the tritium concentration below the legal standard before discharging it. It is recognized internationally for discharge by lowering the concentration of tritium contained in the discharged water of a nuclear power plant in […]

The secret of the robustness of tardigrades revealed by the supercomputer simulation

Of Rowan Hooper Tardigrades are extraordinarily robustSTEVE GSCHMEISSNER / SCIENCE PHOTOGRAPHIC LIBRARY The most resistant animal known to science – the tardigrade – is unraveling its secrets, with the first atomic-level work investigating how the animal survives extreme stress. Tardigrades are eight-legged microscopic animals sometimes referred to as water bears. They live in moss all […]

Russia denies radiation incident despite striking measurements in Northern Europe

The registered particles, according to the international organization, are the result of a nuclear fission caused by humans. The Swedish and Finnish nuclear authorities have also measured unusual radiation. However, according to the Finnish authority STUK, the concentrations were so low that they may have been released under normal use of a nuclear reactor. The […]

The increase in radiation recorded in the Baltic Sea could not be related to “Rīgas siltumu” – Society and Politics – News

She said that according to the information currently available, it can be considered that the cause of the increased level of radioactivity could not be related to the “heat of Riga”, because other radionuclides have been found in the sea that do not occur in the ash from the company’s burnt chips. “Judging by the […]