Egypt to increase Suez Canal tolls in 2023 | Shortening the Economic World 19 Sep 65

Egypt to increase Suez Canal tolls in 2023 for all ship types and 10% for dry bulk and cruise ships from 2023 #Egypt # Suez Canal Toll #Suez Canal S #SuezCanal #cargo ship #Freighter #Cruiseship # Mediterranean Sea #môr coch #abbreviated world #economy #economic news tnn16 #Nattapong Namsirikul #economic news #Teacher P’Pop #Teacher P’Pop yaw […]

Iran seized US unmanned submarines in the Crimson Sea, then produced them

Iranian condition television noted on the 2nd (neighborhood time) that Iran had seized and unveiled a US unmanned surface vehicle (USV) in the Pink Sea. The broadcast claimed that “an Iranian navy destroyer, Jamaran, found out a amount of floating boats abandoned in international sea lanes although carrying out an anti-terrorist mission in the Purple […]

Sad clip! Minutes of life: Two women die after being attacked by a shark in Egypt

CAIRO, July 4 (Xinhua) — on Sunday (July 3), a statement from Egypt’s Ministry of the Environment said. Confirmed shark attack on humans in southern Hurghada red sea resort town This resulted in the deaths of two women. Yasmin Fuad, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand Condolences to the families of the […]