Check the latest state welfare card 2022 pass-fail announcement today!

Check the latest 2022 state welfare card registration, check the results of the poor people’s cards, pass-fail, know the registration results for the 4th round on 7 September 65, check through the website by yourself here. Today (7 September 20) the Ministry of Finance Announces the results of the registration of the State Welfare Card […]

Register for a state welfare card 2022. I can’t contact my spouse What should I do?

Follow the latest progress Register for the state welfare card 2022 register the poor card a new round after Ministry of Finance Registration is open and registration will be open until October 19, 2022. People canCheck status, register for state welfare card 2022 Available from 16 September, 65 via the website (click here) or […]

Check the status again this Friday. Register for state welfare card 2022, check now.

Keep cases updated Register for the state welfare card 2022 Second round status check The Ministry of Finance requires people who submit applications between September 9, 2022 and September 15, 2022, which will announce the registration results on Friday, September 23, 2022. Click to check status the second round of enrollment progress.State Welfare Registration Program […]