FOMC Minutes Say Slowing Rate Hikes ‘Almost’ Appropriate – Bloomberg

At the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) on 1 and 2 November, officials decided that it would soon be appropriate to slow down the rate increase. This suggests that the Fed is leaning towards slowing the rate rise to 0.5 points at the December meeting. “Most of the participants decided that slowing […]

Reasons for raising interest rate deregulation

Reasons for raising interest rate deregulation Edit 2022.11.20 19:58Input 2022.11.20 19:58 [아시아경제 이은주 기자] In the face of rising interest rates, calls are being made to ease the statutory maximum interest rate regulation. As the legal maximum interest rate was lowered last year, the credit loan market in the loan finance industry shrank, and access […]

[5 llyfr y bore yma]Handpicked news you want to read at work – Bloomberg

US House Speaker Pelosi (82) is a House DemocratHe announced that he would retire from the top position. Speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives, Pelosi said she would not seek re-election as a Democratic leader in Congress next year. He said he should be open to “new possibilities,” and noted the need […]

[5 llyfr y bore yma]Handpicked news you want to read at work – Bloomberg

The effect of the bankruptcy of the crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange FTX is spreading, but in the middle of this, an investor who lives in Oklahoma, USA, has decided to sell the company and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.file a lawsuit. It claims FTX used celebrities in its promotions and targeted “inexperienced investors”. Celebrities being […]

FTX: Bahamas Freezes Digital Markets Assets, Names Liquidators – Bloomberg

The Securities Commission of the Bahamas, where US-based cryptocurrency trading company FTX is based, has frozen the assets of FTX Digital Markets and appointed a liquidator on the 10th. The Securities Commission said in a statement that the asset freeze was “a prudent series of steps ” to protect assets and stabilize the company. Earlier, […]