Russia’s new constitution for further silence debate | Voice of America

Outside the Moscow headquarters of the Federal Security Service last week, some of the most important Russian journalists protested the arrest of Ivan Safronov, a former journalist accused of treason. Some were briefly detained. If this were to happen in the United States – or in any other Western democracy – the outrage would be […]

Trump’s former lawyer behind bars again after the gag order dispute

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Michael Cohen, former personal lawyer to U.S. President Donald Trump, was brought to a federal prison on Thursday after refusing to accept a gag order as a condition for serving the sentence in solitary confinement, he said. Cohen’s lawyer. Cohen, 53, was taken to Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, according to his […]

Russia denies radiation incident despite striking measurements in Northern Europe

The registered particles, according to the international organization, are the result of a nuclear fission caused by humans. The Swedish and Finnish nuclear authorities have also measured unusual radiation. However, according to the Finnish authority STUK, the concentrations were so low that they may have been released under normal use of a nuclear reactor. The […]

Russia deploys surveillance tool called “Orwell”

Russia has just rolled out new facial recognition technology in many schools across the country, with plans to expand it to nearly 43,000 establishments. Its name: “Orwell”, a marked reference to the author of the cult novel 1984 who rightly denounced this drift. Credit: Parker Coffman via Unsplash Early June, IBM announced that it wanted […]

How many percent can the electronics market fall in Russia? –

Specialists at the Center for Contemporary Electronics have predicted how much the electronics market may fall in Russia. So, according to the data provided by the head of the company, Ivan Pokrovsky, the domestic electronics market may fall by 15% or up to $ 2.4 billion. In addition, the process of falling electronics market is […]

Claims Russia paid Taliban bounty to kill US soldiers – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

According to The New York Times US intelligence believes that Russian support was provided to encourage attacks on US soldiers following President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the country. Also The Washington Post writes that they have sources that confirm the claim. CNN cites a European intelligence source, and Sky News refers to British sources. Russia […]

5 things to know for June 29: Coronavirus, Russia, police reform, Facebook, Pakistan

Here’s what you need to know to Be quick and continue your day. (You may also receive “5 things you should know” in your inbox daily. register here.) 1. Coronavirus Over half a million people have died from Covid-19 worldwide, and more than 10 million cases have been diagnosed. Those aren’t the only worrying numbers: […]

“They won’t want to play in Russia.” KHL spectator for Riga “Dinamo” next season – Hockey – – Sports

The viewer stressed that KHL foreign clubs may have problems starting the new tournament due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as there is a possibility that travel restrictions may not be completely lifted. “I have not seen an official announcement from the people of Riga on this issue. But here it must be understood that any […]

In Russia, 6719 new cases of coronavirus were detected per day

In Russia, 6719 cases of coronavirus were detected per day, it says in the report of the headquarters. For the fourth day in a row, the daily increase in cases does not exceed 7000. Yesterday, the operation center reported 6791 new cases of COVID-19. The total number of infections in the country is 641,156 in […]

Has Russia put a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan?

An investigation of the New York Times published three days ago he claims that in recent months a Russian intelligence agency closely linked to the government promised the Taliban a reward for each soldier killed in Afghanistan among those operating in the NATO contingent present in the country, led by the United States. The goal […]