Profit Group (00406) released its interim results.Profit attributable to shareholders was HK$22.449 million, down 50.75% year on year An interim dividend of 2.5 HK cents per share was proposed | Lee Group_Sina

You can make money when other people break their hands on Double Eleven, Feitian Moutai is waiting for you! There are also limited time low price discounts on seven major investment tools, not to be missed.[点击进入活动页面] Beneficial group(00406) its interim results for the six months ending September 30, 2022. During the period, the group achieved […]

Amazon workers strike worldwide on ‘Black Friday’ | Reuters Inc. employees are expected to at sites around the world, including in the US, Germany and France, went on strike to coincide with Black Friday, the year-end shopping season. The Amazon logo is in the picture. FILE PHOTO: Rowin Planck, northern France, March 15, 2020. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol [ベルリン 25日 ロイター] – Inc. workers […]

Personal pension business Zhang Gong is set to launch fund sales as soon as possible this week

Our reporter Chang Xiaoyu The personal pension business is ready to go. On November 18, the China Securities Regulatory Commission released the first batch of personal pension fund directory and personal pension fund sales organization directory, including 129 pension target funds and 37 fund sales organizations. The following two directories will continue to be released […]

[백브리핑AI] GS, CU convenience store head office performance ‘highest in history’ … Store owner shouted.

[인포스탁데일리=김영택 기자] It was found that the convenience store’s headquarters managed to break last year’s record. However, they found that the profits of franchisees operating convenience stores have fallen. Last year, GS Retail’s convenience store division, which ranked first in the convenience store industry, achieved KRW 7.21 trillion in sales. BGF Retail also recorded 5.77 […]

Kangdu said the daily cost of living was 1,500 won … Omakase will increase the sale of School of Capitalism

In the capitalist restaurant ‘Capitalism School’, the omakase ‘Stairway of Heaven’ appears. The ‘Six Stairs to Heaven’, which includes Master Kim Yu-jin’s ideas and Master Kim Jun-hyun’s knowledge, is expected to give Kang Doo strength. KBS 2TV ‘Capitalism School’ An entertainment program featuring realistic economic studies of children from teenagers to the MZ generation. In […]