Long holiday “Songkran” tourists flooded Nang Ram-Nang Rong beach

April 15, 2022, during the long holiday “Songkran” festival, which today enters the 3rd day of the long holiday. Has attracted tens of thousands of tourists from all regions of the country. Flowing, traveling, traveling, relaxing, swimming in the sea at Nang Ram-Nang Rong beach in the area of ​​the Royal Thai Navy, Sattahip District, […]

“Naval cluster” 10 more infected, collecting 1,861 people, unable to control the epidemic

stick “Naval Cluster” The epidemic continues to be unable to control the outbreak. Latest today (1 January 2022) Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office, Chonburi Province reportCOVID-19 Situation Ripple 3 Infected person Covid-19 289 new cases Cluster in the Naval Area, Sattahip District, 10 cases, collecting 1,861 cases (continued outbreak, unable to control the outbreak) 9 […]

Social media criticize “Electric Poles” appearing in the middle of the overpass

Social media criticizes high-voltage poles appearing in the middle of an under-construction footbridge In front of a department store, Chonburi Province, while villagers are worried about safety Please rush to move before the construction is complete. Today (20 December 2021) social media criticized the case of an overpass under construction. In front of the department […]

Infected with Covid 19 today, Chonburi totals 935, 12 deaths, enlistment cluster surges.

Today there are reports of infected people.Covid-19 new case provinceChonburiFound 935 additional cases. died 12 people, details as follows 1. Cluster Recruited soldiers 1/2564, Sattahip district, 60 cases, 631 collectibles.2. Cluster, Military Area, Sattahip District, 35 cases, collecting 95 cases3. Cluster, Hansol Technics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Ban Bueng District 42 cases, collecting 92 cases4. Cluster, […]