The Port Authority split with ‘Scott Cooper’ pushing Holland to take the interim lead

Port Authority FC issued a statement announcing the official parting ways with coach Scott Cooper, with the appointment of assistant coach Matt Holland. Acting as acting superintendent of the army “Sing Harbour” Port FC a famous football team Revo Thai League announced separation with Scott Cooper Irish coach it has been done after the performance […]

“Cooper” Choir “Tam Thanaboon” wearing the armband of the team captain.

Nuanphan Lamsam “Madam Pang”, the president of the Football Club, Port Authority FC Football club in the highest professional league “Thai League” revealed that from discussions with Scott Cooper, the club’s head coach. agree to appoint “Tam Thanaboon” Thanaboon Kesarat, Thai national team midfielder Acting as the captain of the team “Port FC” or Singha […]

“Port FC” collects Hua Hin Queue to warm up Hua Hin – MH Nakhon Si

“Madam Pang” Nuanphan Lamsam, chairman of the Port Authority FC Club Team in Thai League “Revo Thai League” revealed that this week the team“Port FC”still in the program Prepare before entering the competitionThai League season 2022-23 to open up From August 12 onwards by preparing the team to create readiness before entering the competition Scott […]