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Friday, July 3, 2020


Patrick Fugit remembers Philip Seymour Hoffman when he was almost famous

Another example of why Hoffman was one of the best actors in the business was Fugit's memories of the iconic Cameron Crowe movie. Cameron Crowe's rock and roll odyssey »Almost knownAbout his golden days as a Rolling Stone reporter has...
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Disney Research’s neural face swapping technique can provide high-resolution photorealistic video – TechCrunch

New document published by Disney Research in partnership with ETH Zurich describes a fully automated neural network-based method for...
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Russia denies radiation incident despite striking measurements in Northern Europe

The registered particles, according to the international organization, are the result of a nuclear fission caused by humans. The Swedish and Finnish nuclear authorities...

The sale of AAP is finalized, which avoids the closure of an 85-year-old “ vital ” press wire

The future of the Australian Associated Press (AAP) newswire has been secured with the inking of a sale to new owners who say they...

25 confirmed cases of COVID-19 now linked to a nail salon in Kingston, Ontario.

Kingston, Ontario area health unit confirms three more COVID-19 cases related to a nail salon in the city of eastern Ontario, warning that all...