Research results of “cross-formula vaccine” Siriraj : World Health Organization published worldwide

recentlyWorld Health Organization (WHO) Published Interim recommendations for heterologous COVID-19 vaccine schedules in Interim guidance, revealing preliminary recommendations forvaccination for covid-19 different types, orcross vaccination Either using different vaccines in the second dose, orimmune boosting vaccineIn the third dose, with reference to educational documents from around the world. including data from research studies in Thailand […]

“Covid Vaccine” 3 needle Astra-Pfizer Immune to both skin and muscle layers

Clinical Research Center Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Report of the latest research as of 28 Oct. 64 to the injection trial. Covid-19 vaccine Stimulate the needle 3 by comparing “Injected into the skin layer” and injected into the muscle (Currently injected), which the results showed that people who received 2 injections of Sinovac vaccine […]

Siriraj opens reservations for Pfizer vaccinations pregnant women – pediatric patients

22 Aug. 21 Siriraj Hospital opens reservations for the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination for pregnant women aged 12 weeks and over and pediatric patients aged 12 to 18 years with disease in the 7 groups at risk, namely: 1. Chronic respiratory disease including asthma with moderate or severe symptoms 2. Cardiovascular disease or cerebrovascular disease 3. […]

“Careful” chatbot to take care of mental health from Covid-19

Dr. Konkorn Wongpatikaseree Faculty of Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering Mahidol University said that the problem of COVID-19 causing stress and anxiety in many ways It manifests itself in the form of insomnia, discouragement, and feelings of distress and depression.” For this reason, the research team has developed an innovative chatbot “cares” (Psyjai) with the […]