“Finasteride vs Dutasteride”… Hair loss pills, which one should I take? [모락모락]

The age of 10 million people with hair loss. [모락모락(毛樂毛樂)]is a special article for those who are losing precious hair. Together with plastic surgery specialist Park Soo-jin (Maxwell Dermatology), we provide clear answers to various hair loss information and questions. The representative treatment method used in the treatment of hereditary hair loss is ‘taking drugs’. […]

3 Reasons Enola Holmes 2 Is An Unforgettable Mystery Investigation Movie

After being away for a long time It’s story time Enola Holmes is mentioned again in Enola Holmes 2 This time, our favorite heroine came back to bring fans. Investigative line digging up the mystery Let’s ignite the adrenaline rush. In her first case to find a missing girl! draw a magnifying glass Stretch and […]

I heard it’s good to see sunlight… Is it because of atopic dermatitis that got worse after sunbathing, or an allergy to sunlight?

Methods for treating atopic dermatitis have been continuously studied from the past to the present. As a result, various treatments have emerged, and some have established themselves as popular treatments through trial and error. ‘Light therapy (ultraviolet therapy)’, a treatment for atopic dermatitis using ultraviolet rays contained in the sun’s rays, is one of them. […]