Anutin reiterates that no more cases of monkey pox have been found.

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul Minister of Health Mentioned cases where there were reports of patients “smallpox monkey” Add that Phuket Province is a Thai man that preliminary results from laboratory test results of risk groups The result is still negative. There are no reports ofInfected with “small pox” further, however, to findInfected personIncrease the health system […]

Unlocks private lab to detect “small pox” virus after Thai man found at risk of infection

Mr. Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health or MOPH interview about the case Department of Medical Sciences Prepare announcements for submission to the Minister of Public Health. Sign to unlockLab Level 2 or labGeneral can detect infection. smallpox “smallpox monkey” Yes, by adding measuressafety Also known as Level 2 + (two positive), that’s the […]

“Monkey pox” waiting for the day to erupt all the time. The stubborn doctor insists that it is not as easy to contact as covids.

stubborn doctor Prof. Dr. Thirawat Hemajuta, Director of the Center for Emerging Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Facebook post Thirawat Hemachutha Thiravat Hemachudha indicate that “smallpox monkey” not easy to communicate with as we see in “COVID” Although the diffusion mechanism is the same. close contact, especially during sex exposed to a rash […]

Cambodia does not send Nigerian man infected with monkeypox returns to Thailand

Cambodian police say Nigerian man will not be deported Smallpox infected monkeys return to Thailand because it complies with international law At this time, monkey pox risk groups have not been identified in Sa Kaeo province, but 19 high-risk contacts were found in Phuket. Today (24 July 2022), Pol Gen Wanveera Som, Assistant Commissioner of […]

Thailand has not yet classified “small pox” as a dangerous contagious disease. not yet defined

The Academic Committee on Communicable Diseases has not yet raised “small pox” from communicable diseases under surveillance as a dangerous communicable disease. not yet defined Identifying non-dangerous diseases – not spreading quickly The Thai public health medical system can support it. Develop a clearer approach to treatment Increase efficiency if more patients As the World […]

In the country – ‘Aran checkpoint’ prepares separate quarantine rooms to deal with ‘smallpox’ spreading at immigration, ‘blacklist’ Nigerian men

Sunday, July 24, 2022, 12:50 p.m. ‘Aran checkpoint’ prepares separate quarantine rooms to deal with smallpox, blacklisting Nigerian immigration immigration 24 July 2022 at the Aranyaprathet Immigration Checkpoint Permanent border crossing at Ban Khlong Luek, Aranyaprathet District, Sa Kaeo Province, Pol. Col. Rung Thongmon, Immigration Superintendent of Sa Kaeo Province. along with Mr. Thanakrit Saisan, […]