“Bangkok Weather Forecast” Watch for thunderstorms, heavy rain, 80 percent gusts.

“Bangkok weather forecast” Today (10 October 2022) meteorological department general climate Area situation report Bangkok and surrounding areas in the next 24 hours 80 percent of the area’s thunderstorms, along with heavy rain and strong winds in some places. Related news – The Meteorological Department has issued C. 4 severe weather, heavy rain, lower temperature, […]

“Flood in Korat” warns 20 districts, 9,000 households under water Reservoir situation update

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Division, Nakhon Ratchasima Province The announcement emphasizes people to be careful of dangers “heavy rain” wind of windarainbuild up, which can causeflash floodAnd wild water flows, especially on hillsides near waterways and in marshy areas. He also announced that “flood warningIn 20 areas, where the flood situation has affected almost 9,000 […]

“Summer storm” in 11 provinces with thunderstorms, strong winds, hail, Czech temperature today

(16 Apr 2022) meteorological department Announcement No. 5 “summer storm“The area of ‚Äč‚ÄčThailand has an impact from 16-18 April 2022, while weather forecast “today’s temperature“Northern highest 37-41 degrees Celsius Read related news. – “Summer storm”, Meteorological Department warns of 4 hail, strong winds Today’s temperature is 41 degrees North. – “Summer storm” Meteorological Department warns […]