US and Canadian research team discovers evidence of a collision between the Milky Way galaxy and other galaxies-Sputnik Japan Sputnik Japan Sputnik Teams of astrophysicists in the United States and Canada discovered evidence that a dwarf galaxy collided with the sides of the Milky Way galaxy 3 billion years ago. It is said that traces of the collision of dwarf galaxies still remain. The results of this research were published […]

Jingdong 11.11 “Hilarious” opening, sweeping away the haze of the epidemic, the three major home games let you buy cool and let the merchants return blood_ 东方

Original title: Jingdong 11.11 “hilarious” opening, sweeping away the haze of the epidemic, the three major home games let you buy cool and let the merchants return blood Can express delivery be delivered to “the end of the universe”? JingdongThe answer is yes, Tieling is an international metropolis. If you understand this slogan, it means […]

God can you understand? In fact, the concept of time mentioned in it only accounts for a small part of the true doctrine! | TechOrange

[Why did we pick this book]What is “time”? It is precisely because we don’t know much about it that the creators have developed various creative extensions of time. This article is selected from “The First Book to Understand the Brief History of Time”. The author Li Miao is the dean and founder of the Institute […]

School bus-sized asteroid on its way beyond Earth – NBC Los Angeles

A school bus-sized asteroid exploded close to Earth, making its closest pass over the southeastern Pacific Ocean while most southern Californians slept. The relatively small 2020 SW asteroid was discovered Friday by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona. SoCal’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said earlier this week that the asteroid was not on an impact trajectory […]

How we lost and found a huge supernova

IIt was one of the greatest fireworks displays in recent cosmic history. On February 23, 1987, Earth time, a huge star exploded right in front of the world’s astronomers, scattering ribbons and rings of incandescent gas across the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy at the gateway to the Milky Way. Today a ring of […]

Russia rejects the request for space weapons as “propaganda”

Russia dismissed allegations by the United States and Britain on Friday that they had tested an anti-satellite weapon in space as “propaganda”. Moscow responded after US space command Thursday accused Russia of firing an anti-satellite weapon test into space and warned that the threat to US systems was “real, serious and growing” . Even the […]

Stock market trends: Elon Musk, Twitter Hack

Markets had a tough trading day on Thursday, with all three major indices spending most of the day in the red while disappointing unemployed numbers blocked an already shaky market recovery. The Dow and S&P 500 fell 1% each, while the Nasdaq lost more than 2% during Thursday’s session. Here are some of Thursday’s market […]

Scientists rediscover 28 “missing” black holes in “cocoon” of space dust using X-rays.

Scientists were amazed to discover dozens of black holes in the outer space that had hidden “in plain sight”. Researchers stumbled across 28 of the huge spatial anomalies after examining the radiographic maps of space – revealing “hidden” versions of the singularities that eat matter. The 28 anomalies had been mistaken for distant galaxies or […]

United States – The diving suit of “2001, the Space Odyssey” at auction

A rare spacesuit used on the set of “2001, the Space Odyssey” during a legendary scene from this cult film by Stanley Kubrick will soon be auctioned. Updated 10 minutes ago The costume had already been auctioned off in 1999 and has since remained in a temperature-controlled room. AFP Centerpiece of the sale organized in […]

There is a lack of space for patients in some wards of Stradins Hospital

“This management is very difficult – the patient has to be taken to the resuscitation ward, but there is no place in the resuscitation ward, which means that someone has to be transferred to the regular ward, but I also have no place in the normal ward,” Rācenis said. Patients should be relocated so that […]