Park Soo-hong’s father’s claim of theft is referred to as ‘family rituals’…what is it?

[사진=SBS방송화면캡처] Park Soo-hong’s father, the father of broadcaster Park Soo-hong, came forward claiming that he had been embezzled. In response, some speculate that they are trying to abuse the kinship ritual. On the 4th, Park, who attended the Seoul Western District Prosecutors Office as a witness, attacked Park Soo-hong, and the investigation was suspended. Park […]

Who is Mr. Oh and an actress in her 50s sued?

Mr. Oh, and the actress A in her 50s sued on charges of marriage impersonation and special threats, press conference. / Photo = Pixar Bay [내외경제TV] Reporter Lee Young-jong = Mr O, who sued actress A in her 50s for marriage fraud and special threat, announced a press conference. On the 19th, Mr. legal proceedings […]