American showjumper suspected of administering electroshocks via spores | Equestrian

The equestrian world is on its back legs. According to Grandprix, a French equestrian magazine, the American Andrew Kocher uses electric traces. He therefore applies electric shocks to his horses during competitions to make them jump better. The photos do indeed show the mechanical doping. The International Equestrian Federation is aware of the allegations. Andrew […]

American rider suspected of using electric tracks

Equestrian expert Jacob Melissen is baffled. “I have never experienced this. I have had contact with a number of Dutch top riders, such as Jeroen Dubbeldam. They say: if this happened in the Netherlands, a lifelong suspension would follow.” By administering the shocks, the horse feels forced to move forward or to jump over an […]

Opioids overdose suspected cause of three weekend deaths in Timmins

Three people in Timmins died from an opioid overdose over the weekend. It is from Sunday evening. City police said the three were among eight involved in medical distress calls. Police-administered first aid kept five of them alive until the paramedics arrived. In response, police issued a public notice “strongly urging all citizens to be […]

Russia Adds Layer of Ambiguity and Denial to Suspected Use of Proxy Militias | News from the world

A direct attack by Russian forces against American or British troops in Afghanistan would be considered an act of war. But the use of a proxy militia to achieve the same goal adds a layer of ambiguity and denial. He places such activity in a gray area of ​​actions designed to harm or gain an […]

Port Elgin McDonald’s has been temporarily closed due to a suspected COVID-19 case

COVID-19 under the microscope. McDonald’s of Canada said it had temporarily closed its Port Elgin restaurant on Saturday after an employee there reportedly said it was positive for COVID-19. The employee worked from 6:45 p.m. June 23 to 3:45 a.m. June 24 and was reported to be likely positive for the new coronavirus on June […]

Seguin man suspected of stabbing arrested in West Virginia | Alert

Authorities in another state helped locate and arrest a man suspected of stabbing another man in the neck earlier this month in Seguin. A manhunt led authorities to locate Raul Chavez, 41, of Seguin, West Virginia, police detective sergeant in Seguin. Said Aaron Seidenberger. “West Virginia state police, with the help of our (Texas Public […]

Satellite image: explosion in Iran near suspected missile site

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – An explosion that shook Iran’s The capital came from an area in its eastern mountains which analysts say is hiding an underground tunnel and missile production sites, satellite photographs showed on Saturday. What exploded in the incident last Friday that sent a huge ball of fire into the sky […]

Iran explosion close to suspected missile site, satellite image shows – but cause is unclear

This Friday, June 26, 2020, a photo of the European Commission’s Sentinel-2 satellite shows the site of an explosion that shook the Iranian capital. Analysts say the explosion came from an area in the eastern mountains of Tehran where they hide an underground tunnel system and missile production sites. The explosion seems to have charred […]

Monk suspected of being 114 survives coronavirus

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA – An 114-year-old Ethiopian monk survived the coronavirus. Tilahun Woldemichael was released from hospital on Thursday after almost three weeks. He received oxygen and dexamethasone, a cheap and widely available steroid that, according to researchers in England, has reduced the number of deaths by up to a third in critically ill hospital […]