“P5R” Switch version will be launched in October | 4Gamers

The Persona series, which was publicly ported at the Xbox press conference a while ago, made its finale debut at the Nintendo Direct mini today (28), announcing that it would also be ported to the Switch platform. As previously disclosed, this wave of transplants includes three works, Persona 3 Pocket Edition (P3P), Persona 4 Gold […]

“Fire Emblem Wushuangfenghuaxueyue” released the gray wolf school-level promotional video, the trial version is open for download today | 4Gamers

The “Fire Emblem Warriors”, jointly developed by Nintendo and Koei Tecmo, released the final promotional trailer today, and announced that the demo version will be available for download from now on, and you can play the third-line story to the fourth chapter. “Fire Emblem Wushuang Fenghuaxueyue” inherits the role and world view of “Sacred Fire […]

“Little Witch Norberta” will be released on September 29, and the three versions will grab the attention of hololive fans | 4Gamers

Developed by Pupuya Games, an independent team in Taiwan, the domestic game “Little Witch Nobetta” released by Ximeng Creative and Jiesden originally announced the official version price and release date at 6 pm today (13), but it was a passing day. The channel website has preemptively disclosed relevant information. According to information from major Japanese […]

The Chinese version of “The Dragon Maid of Kobayashi’s Family Explodes!! Dumb Dragon☆Breath” is released in Chinese, and will be released in July | 4Gamers

Published by Bushiroad, the PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch shooting game “Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Burst!! Dumb Dragon☆ Breath” is a PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch shooting game adapted from the original popular comic by the cartoonist クール cultist. The Chinese version will be released in Asia in Japan. This work describes that Kobayashi received a […]

The stealth action game “Magic Stolen-KAMIWAZA TOURAI-” will be released simultaneously in the autumn of the Chinese version | 4Gamers

Cloud Leopard Entertainment announced that the traditional Chinese version of the stealth action game “KAMIWAZA TOURAI-” developed by ACQUIRE, which has developed “Tenchu” and “Akihabara Monogatari”, will be synchronized with the Japanese version in the fall of 2022 on PS4, KAMIWAZA TOURAI- Launched on Switch. This is a high-resolution version of the stealth-stealing action game […]