Check the risk, symptoms and incubation period of “small pox”, stunned, found 29 infected sperm.

Check for monkey pox symptoms behindWorld Health OrganizationThe declaration of an international public health emergency by Dr. Teera Worathanarat, a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Facebook post Thira Woratanarat Summarysymptomof “smallpox monkey” From 16 countries around the world, Thornhill JP et al published the results of the study. “smallpox monkey” In 528 […]

[관절클리닉] Prolotherapy effective for arm numbness caused by nerve compression

What causes arm numbness? Neck Disc, Elbow Tunnel Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel SyndromeEffect of ‘Prolo Therapy’ by Nerve Regeneration Injection Bae Bae-yoon, Representative Director of Daegu Wankwae Neurology Clinic Recently, the number of patients complaining of numbness in the arms is increasing. After Corona 19, as the number of forward-looking jobs increases and the use of […]

Know the symptoms of “thyroid poisoning” after death. “Sunny U Four”

After the shocking news of the entertainment industry after losing the past singer famous”Sunny U Four” or “Yanwarut Suthiwat” with congenital disease “Toxic thyroid” which happened to the former singer on July 18, from the cause was assumed “Sunny U Four“Chronicly ill with toxic thyroid disease. been together for several months However, his body was […]

Marburg virus infection, symptoms, causes, how to prevent, what to do, read quickly

18 July 2022 time 21:25 Marburg virus infection, symptoms, causes and prevention, including how many days incubation period. Read all details here. from the case ghana Officially confirmed that Marburg virus found which is an infectious disease of the same family as Ebola Both patients died in hospitals in the southern region of Ashanti. after […]

What are the symptoms of “smallpox monkey”? and the latest situation

smallpox There is always a change, an old disease, but a new emergence. monkey pox It is an infectious disease caused by infection with a group of viruses.Pox virus (Poxvirus), which is a virus in the same group as smallpox virus (smallpox or smallpox) The first infection was reported in monkeys used as laboratory animals […]