‘Twitter Musk’… end of 6 years of wandering? – Asian Economy

(Image source: Reuters) [이미지출처=로이터연합뉴스] [아시아경제 조유진 기자] ‘What will we lose in a world without Twitter?’ A short post of 140 characters. Founded in 2006, long before the dawn of the mobile age, Twitter became popular as a social media service based on ‘common interests’. It became the first place to publicize natural disasters such […]

Tesla in Taipei ran out of control for unknown reasons and crashed into the front of the car, completely destroying and injuring many people: experts reminded to use automatic driving carefully – fast technology – technology is changing the future

Tesla in Taipei lost control for unknown reasons and crashed into the front of the car, destroying many people and injuring many people: Experts remind to use automatic driving carefully Now as long as there is a Tesla accident, everyone’s instinctive reaction is that the brakes fail? Musk saw this as embarrassing… ETtoday News Cloud, […]

Shanghai car dealer caught fire Rolls-Royce Cullinan and many other luxury cars burned: the finger points to Tesla’s fast technology-technology is changing the future

A Rolls-Royce Cullinan and other luxury cars were burnt at a car dealership in Shanghai: Tesla is the target At noon on November 24th, blogger @MR-白冰 certified as “driver, Weibo motorcycle expert” posted a blog saying that his newly purchased Mercedes-Benz G had a sudden accident before driving it a few times. “Big G’s new […]

Black Friday home appliance discount collection|Fortress/Youhe/Device Gang/ASUS up to 50% off

The Black Friday 2022 sale has finally started. Not only overseas Amazon Thanksgiving activities, but also many online electrical stores in Hong Kong have launched Black Friday discounts. The following integrates Fortress, Youhe, Electrical Appliances, and ASUS discounts, with a minimum discount of 10% off! From now until November 28th, Fortress has flash discounts with […]

Tesla shares have fallen 35 percent since Elon Musk announced the purchase.

Since Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the acquisition of Twitter, Tesla shares have fallen more than 35 percent and closed down 3.6 percent on Friday (Nov. 4), contrary to the general rally of the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Musk that for the first time He agreed to buy Twitter on April 25, 2022, on […]