Broke expects “Thai stocks” today to fall at 1,620.

Krungsri Securities Company expects the trendstock indexThailand fell today (September 19, 65) at a support level of 1620 – 1625 points. Market conditions are still under pressure from concerns about the remaining global economic slowdownFedand many central banks accelerated interest rates to curb inflation, leading to US Bond Yieldforeign currency rose and flowed out during […]

Broke expects “Thai stocks” these days, to the facet 1,630

Krungsri Securities expects Thai shares now (August 19, 65) to swing 1,630 – 1,645 points, inspite of the ongoing flow of overseas forex influx, getting a net of 41 billion baht this thirty day period and robust getting electric power. The individual will assistance the index. But continue to anxious that the Fed has raised […]

Kasikorn Securities “Thai Stock Index-SET” next week, support 1,535 points

KASIKORN SECURITIES COMPANY LIMITED (SEC) Looking at the next week between July 4-82565 Thai stock indexThere are support at 1,550 and 1,535 points, while resistance is at 1,580 and 1600 points, respectively. Kasikorn Research CenterAssess the key factors that need to be monitored include: Inflation rate in June of Thailand, the direction of foreign capital […]

Broker expects “Thai stocks” today lack of stimulating factors

Krungsri Securities Company said the stock market on Tuesday (April 12) The SET closes negative 4 points. Investors reduce risks before the long holiday during Songkran and sell SCB shares. Worried about liquidity problems as SCB will be removed from the market and take SCBX shares to trade instead. Since April 28, 2022, SCB shares […]