China National Performing Arts Center Holds Concert in Berlin

Original Title: China’s National Performing Arts Center Holds Concert in Berlin On the 18th, the China National Performing Arts Center held the “Mutual Learning Between Civilizations, Traveling Together” concert and exchange activity at the China Cultural Center in Berlin. Wang Ning, President of the National Center for the Performing Arts, said in his speech that […]

IMAX | IMAX to Kerala; How is it different from normal theatre?

An IMAX theater is coming to Kerala too. Kerala’s first IMAX theater opens at Lulu Mall in Thiruvananthapuram. IMAX is a word that many film lovers have heard. Although many people are familiar with the name that appears on the screen before the film starts, how many people know what IMAX is. Let’s understand about […]

Chakochan kata help, operate by means of kammiya kandam

Chakochan kata guidance, operate by way of kammiya kandam Printed: August 11, 2022, 06:00 There is a gap on the way to the theatres. Leftist cyber profiles are clamoring for a boycott of the film Kunchacko Boban Nna Than Kes Kod for the reason that of the textual content of the advert ‘Emyo Vannekane’. Opponents […]