Eran Orr: VR is coming to ADHD

A virtual reality platform could enable ADHD patients to improve cognitive functioning. The need to harness new technology may never have been greater in the treatment of attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), especially during the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. Virtual reality experiences have the opportunity to truly help children suffering from ADHD by […]

Marion County, WV, Disability Action Center Damaged in Auto Accident | WV News

FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WV News) – The Marion County Disability Action Center was damaged Monday night after a driver of a passenger van lost control of the vehicle and entered the building. According to Disability Action Center Executive Director Julie Sole, the incident occurred well beyond normal business hours and no one was in the center […]

The Holistic Sanctuary Announces Exciting Plans to Expand Over the Next 4 Years and Save More Lives | State

BEVERLY HILLS, California, 19 September 2020 / PRNewswire / – The Holistic Sanctuary is proud to announce its exciting plans to increase the number of state-of-the-art luxury centers it has over the next four years, enabling it to help even more patients in need of its pioneering treatments. After a decade of revolution in holistic […]

Is it okay to reveal your anxiety or depression to your boss?

Workers around the world are having a hard time. Should they ask for help at work? The percentage of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression increased during the pandemic, according to data from the US Census Bureau, rising to 40.9 percent in mid-July. A similar national survey from the first half of 2019 put […]

Early Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Thwart Heart Disease | Health News

By Robert Preidt, Reporter HealthDay (HealthDay) Tuesday, September 8, 2020 (HealthDay News) – Early starting drug treatment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis may reduce the risk of heart disease, a new study suggests. Rheumatoid arthritis at least doubles the risk of heart disease due to its links to atherosclerosis (plaque buildup in the arteries), heart […]

Lyme disease: outdoor fun (?) With COVID-19 and ticks | news

It’s already mid-July and I’ve been trying to get the ticks to follow the rules of social distancing. The president of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies says, “I begged them to stop biting people, to understand that we all need to take a break and that people need to get out and enjoy their […]

Mental Health: Study Reveals Magic Mushrooms May Treat Depression – Fitness

Compass Pathways Plc., A British startup backed by tech billionaire Peter Thiel and lead investor Christian Angermayer, filed for public listing about four years after its founding to explore the use of a psychedelic compound found in so-called magic mushrooms. for the treatment of depression. The London-based firm has filed for collection of $ 100 […]

LETTER: Dogs are smarter than Donnie attributes them | Letters to the editor

Dogs are smarter than Donnie attributes to them I’d like to complain about one of your Donnie Johnston articles. Stretch the truth and its August 20 column [“Doggone it! Why is Fido doing that?”] how dogs aren’t smart really upsets me. In my opinion, dogs are smart. I have a dog named Luna and she […]

Dance therapy for people with Parkinson’s and dementia

During the pandemic, Rx Ballroom Dance had to move its lessons online. The nonprofit provides free instructions for ballroom dance groups to anyone diagnosed with neurological or neurodegenerative disease, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia. “There is a power behind movement, music and dance that really touches the brain in such a different way,” said Erin […]