Cash, the roof drops to 2 thousand euros. The bonus for the costs of the Pos arrives: the news of July on payments

MILANO – Take a double novelty to try to limit the use of cash and instead encourage traceable payments: from the first of July the ceiling for regulating transactions via cash drops to 2 thousand euros, while the bonus linked to the obligation for professionals arrives to install the POS to collect electronic payments. The […]

Coronavirus, new record in the USA: 40 thousand cases in just 24 hours

WASHINGTON – In the United States, Covid continues to spread and the situation seems to go out of control. The data mark a new, tragic, record: 40 thousand cases in a single day. A huge figure that brings more than 2.4 million the number of people infected by the arrival of the epidemic (the deaths […]

Federico Fashion Style at FqMagazine: “It’s not about 600 euros or 5 thousand, it was a normal figure”. But looking at its price list, the bill quickly becomes salty

Controversy over Federico Fashion Style and the prices of his “Hall of Wonders“. A client of the hairdresser would have refused to pay a 600 euro bill (but Corriere della Sera speaks of 5 thousand) and the police would have had to intervene to clarify the matter. The hairdresser of the stars and face of […]

Corona injuries in Argentina exceeded 20 thousand cases

Bonyos Iris / Anatolia The number of newly infected Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Argentina on Thursday exceeded the 20,000 marker, after 929 cases were recorded within 24 hours. This came according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Health in the country, indicating that the number of injuries recorded 20 thousand and 197 cases. The […]