Beautiful preachers are super mad!Trump will win election, U.S. is in chaos and comet hits Earth 5 years later

American evangelists predicted that Trump will win the election and the end of the world in 5 years! (Photo/Pixabay) A+ A- The US presidential election is in full swing. At this time, many astrologers or predictors have also come forward to mention the prediction results of this election. For example, American TV personality and conservative […]

Trump’s reputation as’Economic President’ shakes… Distrust of voters’ economic issues ahead of the election

NYT’s’Who will run the economy well’, the gap narrows to 1 percentage pointTrump policy negative evaluation passed last month positive evaluation… First this year US President Donald Trump (left) and US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden [이미지출처=AP연합뉴스] [아시아경제 정현진 기자] The reputation of US President Donald Trump is shaking. As voters expressed dissatisfaction on the […]

New York Times Hit Trump again! Exposed to pay taxes to China almost 6 million, but pay the US only 23,000 baht

The New York Times Famous news agencies from the US Reveal the shocking story ofMr. Donald Trump President of the united states Again yesterday (Oct. 20) local time. That Mr Trump has a bank account in China Used for various licensing transactions Many years time market The account paid taxes to China for $ 188,561 […]

Big news!Giuliani: The degree of depravity of criminal confessions possessing Hang characteristics is scary

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (pictured right) broke the news on the show on the evening of the 20th, holding Hunter Biden (pictured left) a confession of a sex crime. (This newspaper is synthesized) 2020/10/21 14:31 [Real-time news/comprehensive report]Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden (Joe Biden) and his second son Hunter Biden (Hunter Biden) “email […]

Trump claims to have seen Biden’s “laptop from hell”: there are messages he has sent to many girls | International | 新头壳 Newtalk

Democratic presidential candidate Biden (left) and Republican presidential candidate, US President Trump (right).Picture: New head shell composite photo The results of the US presidential election will be announced on November 3, and US President Trump, who has fallen behind in polls, has bitten on the email scandal of his opponent, the son of Democratic presidential […]

The most accurate poll in the US IBD/TIPP: The gap between Trump and Biden drops only 2.3% | International | Newtalk Newtalk

Affected by his son’s scandal, Biden’s polls have fallen all the way. Picture: Biden’s Twitter video screenshot The United States will hold a general election in two weeks. Joe Biden, who had a stable lead, suddenly dropped in polls after the scandal of his son Hunter Biden was revealed. According to the latest survey results […]

The answer is coming soon!Trump and Pelosi’s latest speeches, the US dollar broke below 93, and the US stocks gold “rising” sounded|New Crown Pneumonia_Sina

Original title: The answer is coming soon!Trump and Pelosi’s latest speeches, the US dollar broke below 93, and the US stocks gold “rising” sounded FX168 Financial News (North America) News Tuesday (October 20) for the US House of Representatives Speaker Pelosi designated a deadline for stimulus negotiations before the election. Pelosi recently expressed that he […]

Son scandal hits Biden? The latest key swing state polls released | International | New head shell Newtalk

US President Trump (right) and Republican candidate Biden (left).Figure: New head shell synthesis The U.S. presidential election has entered the final critical two weeks, although according to many polls, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden has maintained a leading position in the United States. However, according to the latest “6 key states” poll conducted by Reuters […]

Trump insists on “premonition of victory” and encourages staff… “Disaster” in the pouch

US President Donald Trump insisted on optimism that he would win the presidential election on the 19th (local time), which is halfway before the November 3 election, as well as the majority of the Senate and House of Parliament. Although there is a great sense of crisis that both the presidential power and the parliamentary […]

It’s too hard to win another six championships this season. Trump: May be close |

Xinhua News Agency, London, October 18 (Reporter Zhang Wei) World No. 1 England player Trump beat Australian star Robertson 9:8 on the 18th to win the Snooker England Open. In the 17-game 9-win final that day, Trump was chased by his opponent for 3 consecutive games after a 3-1 start. After winning the eighth game, […]