BYD is lining up an army of 7 electric cars for the 39th Thailand Motor Expo

Home EV BYD is lining up an army of 7 electric cars for the 39th Thailand Motor Expo THE WORLD hosts a parade of alternative energy vehicles (NEV) available in the global market. (Global) to be displayed at the event The 39th Motor Expo, covering major segments Where customers will meet the WORLD’s unique advanced […]

Volkswagen unveils spinning work chair with motor, horn, car-like camera | TNN Tech reports

The Volkswagen brand has unveiled a new work chair with motors, horns and cameras all around. It can be used for racing as a car. Read more here: #volkswagen #car #chair #car #electric power #Germany #vehicle #Germany #TNN #TNNTechreports #Techreports #TNONLINE #TNNThailand #TNNChannel 16 Channel to follow news station TNN Channel 16 […]

Ivy: “The thief broke a car window and stole my sneakers” [인스타]

Ivy, who is currently working as a musical actress, reported a car theft. On the 21st, Ivy posted on her Instagram what she experienced while traveling in the United States, saying, “It’s a memorable trip to the United States.” Ivy said, “-I was leaving the hotel and I picked up a nine piece $20 chair […]

Kia launches ‘The New Kia Ray’

Kia launches ‘The New Kia Ray’ Indoor ‘full flat’ room in several designsQuite a few driver assistance devices By Kwak Ji-hye, employees reporter [email protected] Posted on 2022-09-01 15:15:25 Kia announced on the 1st that it would launch the New Kia Ray (pictured), a products advancement design of The New Ray, and begin total-scale sales. The […]

Mazda launches NEW MAZDA CX-8, a 3-row crossover with full new technology.

MazdaMoving forward to penetrate the large family car market, launching NEW MAZDA CX-8 3-row crossover with a concept “THE PRECIOUS MOMENTS TOGETHER” Let every moment be worth together Renovated to make it more luxurious Add more comfortable equipment Add the latest technology until the car is overflowing. provide more value for money Increased price by […]

Deaths from drunk driving accidents rise as social distancing is lifted

Drunk driving accidents are on the rise as social distancing is lifted and restaurant business hours restrictions are removed. In particular, there are a series of unfortunate accidents in which people are hit by drunk cars and die or their passengers are killed. Reporter Sohn Ki-joon reports. Red flames erupt from the overturned vehicle. Firefighters […]