Lee Jun-seok once more injunction…Jung Jin-seok, “Throughout the river no return”

◀ anchor ▶ National Assembly Vice Chairman Jeong Jin-seok was officially appointed as the new vice chairman of People’s Electrical power these days. At the same time, floor chief Kwon Seong-dong, who had been held accountable for the party’s confusion, declared his resignation. Previous CEO Lee Jun-seok instantly filed a different ask for for an […]

Lee Jae-myung “low attitude”…

◀ anchor ▶ Adviser Lee Jae-myung, who was engulfed in the theory of responsibility for local elections, came to the National Assembly for the first time after winning the by-election yesterday. He declined to comment on whether or not to challenge the party representative. Rep. Woo Sang-ho, who will lead the party until the August […]

Park Ji-hyun confesses, “I receive 10,000 text bombs a day”

The internal reform plan, which started with the raising of the problem by Park Ji-hyeon, chairman of the Democratic Party’s Joint Emergency Response Committee, was completed after the emergency committee was opened, but the difference in views on the matter was not clearly resolved. As a result, there are voices from within that a full-fledged […]

[MWC 2022] Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee is preparing metaverse platform devices

Chang-Young Kim, Marketing Team Manager, MX Division, Jong-Hee Han, Head of DX Division (Vice President), Hak-Kyu Park, Manager of Management Support Office (President), Seung-Eun Choi, Marketing Team Manager, MX Division (Vice President) (From left) [사진=삼성전자] Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee announced on the 28th (local time) that “We are preparing a metaverse platform device.” […]