Viral News Sons got a Government Job this woman Valsala tying garlands of Special Report last 35 years | The three sons are government officials; Vatsala is still tying garlands at the Ullur crossroads

Thiruvananthapuram: Let’s meet a man who has been selling flowers at the Ullur crossroads for the past 35 years. Vatsala, a native of Plavila, sells flowers on the side of the medical shop, and there is no one to help. If it rains, sell flowers under umbrellas. The umbrella itself is also used to protect […]

Goodbye from the maid | women | viral news | viral post | breaking news | latest news

News of domestic workers being exploited and mistreated is usually reported in the media. But at least some rare people consider domestic workers as family members and maintain their relationship. A young Instagram influencer named Anish Bhagat has shared pictures of such a rare heart to heart relationship. Here are the scenes of a grand […]

Optical Illusion Personality Test What You See In This Picture Says A Lot About Your Personality Optical Illusion : What did you see first in this picture? It will define your character

There are many people who like optical illusion pictures. People love to find hidden problems in such pictures. Such images often help with concentration. Some people pay attention to such pictures to forget their troubles in life. Such images tend to confuse people and force them to pay attention to themselves. Such pictures help to […]