‘Va monuse VT balrame, vamos argentina’; Rahul Mangkoot hit back

Doha: Rahul responded to Balram’s VT after Argentina defeated Mexico by two goals. When Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina in the first match, VT Balram Shafi mocked Parambil and Rahul Mankootil. Balram’s troll said that Argentina lost because they both went to watch the game. After Argentina beat Mexico, Rahul posted this on Facebook: ‘I don’t […]

Youth Congress leader does not have Dio scooter, arrest drama- VT Balram

Kerala news Youth Congress leader doesn’t have Dio scooter, arrest drama: VT Balram Thiruvananthapuram: Congress leader VT Balram reacted to the incident where the Youth Congress leader was detained in the AKG center attack case. He responded that Jit, a Youth Congress worker, has nothing to do with the case and the detention can only […]

Chakochan kata help, operate by means of kammiya kandam

Chakochan kata guidance, operate by way of kammiya kandam Printed: August 11, 2022, 06:00 There is a gap on the way to the theatres. Leftist cyber profiles are clamoring for a boycott of the film Kunchacko Boban Nna Than Kes Kod for the reason that of the textual content of the advert ‘Emyo Vannekane’. Opponents […]