The first wave of Putin’s order to mobilize 300,000 troops to invade Ukraine

On September 21, President Vladimir Putin announced the partial move in a televised statement calling for the use of a reserve pool of 300,000 troops in the Ukraine war that began since September February this year Throughout the six month war, the number of Russian soldiers killed is estimated to have been injured or fleeing […]

Over 6,000 Russians joined Finland in one day.

On Friday (September 23), “Matti Pitcanitti”, head of the international affairs unit of the border guards,Finland revealing information that on Thursday (September 22) there were visitors fromRussiaAbout 7,000 are Russians, about 6,000 after President Vladimir Putin Orders to use 300,000 reserves amid public fears they will see their husbands or sons. let life inWar medical […]

Russia starts referendum in Ukraine; 436 dead bodies found in Russia starting referendum in Ukraine; 436 bodies were found

Kiev: Referendums to join Russia began in four Ukrainian regions on Friday, Russian-backed officials said. Voting will continue for five days until Tuesday. Voting in the referendum for refugees from occupied territories has also started in Russia. The polls are being held in the partially Russian-controlled regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kurson and Zaporozhye, which have […]

Putin’s ‘mobilisation order’ triggers start of conscription…

◀ anchor ▶ ‘I will send 300,000 to the battlefield in Ukraine’ This is the largest since the Second World War. After Russian President Putin stole the mobilization order, full-scale conscription began in Russia. Videos of conscripts appear as teenagers and leave their families being released. The march from escaping Russia to escaping coercion is […]

Putin’s ‘Move Order’ to escape Russia

◀ anchor ▶ Protests have erupted across Russia since President Putin yesterday issued a mobilization order for the Ukraine war. Escape marches continued on the roads leading to the border and airports as people trying to escape enforcement, and Internet searches for things like ‘how to break an arm’ skyrocketed. Reporter Shin Jeong-yeon will tell […]