A triple storm could bring tornadoes, snow and floods across much of the United States this weekend.

A large snowstorm covers Philadelphia 00:41 (CNN) – A powerful storm system that will affect much of the United States this weekend could pose a triple threat, with the potential for severe storms and tornadoes, ice, snow and floods. Millions of people in the eastern half of the United States – in the southeast, midwest, […]

5 common dangers lurking this summer

Summer is in full swing. Time to grab that swimsuit and hit the beach. Of course, don’t forget the sunscreen. With the hottest season of the year comes a variety of dangers that you need to be alert for. What you need to know The summer sun can cause both skin and heat diseases Water […]

Local and Regional News, Sports and Weather »Disney surpasses Mulan after current COVID-19 closures – weisradio.com

Local and Local News, Sports and Weather »Disney beats Mulan because of current COVID-19 closures weisradio.com

The hot weather arrives, Palermo among the 27 cities monitored by the Ministry of Health

July knocks on doors and the hot weather arrives. This year Palermo will also be monitored by the Ministry of Health, which has resumed in the daily publication on the portal of the heat waves in Italy with the aim of preventing the negative effects of the heat on health, especially of the most fragile […]

Some US states revert to previous restrictions in hopes of slowing coronavirus outbreaks – Boston News, Weather, Sports

(CNN) – Weeks after most American states have started to lift their blockages, parts of the country are rampant on the renewal of restrictions in the hope of slowing dizzying increases in the number of new cases. As July 4 approaches, authorities try not to repeat the scenes of Memorial Day, when thousands of people […]

Morrisons security guard goes viral for covering a dog with an umbrella in Scottish rainy weather

A Morrisons security guard was hailed as a “legend” after being photographed covering a golden retriever from the rain with an umbrella. The photo was taken in front of Morrisons in Giffnock Sunday morning, as bad weather hit Scotland, the nice security guard decided to protect the puppy from the rain by protecting him with […]

Weather, Precipitation | The dream summer for this time:

After some fantastic summer days, it may be time to find the umbrella for the next few days. A low pressure from Skagerak is on its way across much of the country. “The low pressure is already heading north, so it is not impossible that the clouds will hit the westfold coast in the next […]

Still no launch for the Vega rocket, grounded due to the weather

Take-off of the Vega rocket at Kourou, December 5, 2016. – Handout / CNES / AFP New disappointment at Kourou. Sunday evening, for the fourth time, bad weather conditions led to the postponement of the launch of the European Vega mission in Guyana French, announced Arianespace in a press release. This first grouped European launch […]

Space, another postponement for Vega, still due to bad weather

New postponement for the launch of Vega, again for high altitude winds. This was announced by the Arianespace company, which manages flights from the European base in Kourou (French Guiana) Science Space, the 45 years of ESA and the ‘American lesson’. Nespoli: “Rediscover the pioneering spirit” by MATTEO MARINI It is the fourth time that […]

Rain and hail are expected in many places in Latvia on Monday; air warms up to +28 degrees – Weather – TVNET

In the morning and during the day, the weather conditions will be determined by a low-pressure depression, so only in the east will the sky become clear and rain will be expected all over Latvia, in the afternoon also a thunderstorm and hail. A slow wind will blow, which will be gusty during a thunderstorm. […]