ALDI supermarket customer admits buying only 24 rolls of toilet paper every 5 years, shocking social networks

An Aldi client paralyzed social media with a very surprising confession about toilet paper. Sharing on a popular Facebook page, a Perth buyer applauded the retail giant for his “stress-free” shopping experience in his local store when he made the startling revelation. Watch the video above as the panic purchase returns – who bought all […]

“Sexually aggressive video”, the belly dancer sentenced to 3 years in prison – Libero Quotidiano

Three years in prison a Sama el-Masry, famous belly dancer in Egypt for her bold videos. at least for Islamic culture. To provoke the ire of the regime of Al We however it is above all the activity of the sensual Sama su Tik Tok, trendy social media among young people and considered potentially subversive […]

Seven years in prison for Edegem businessman Louis Convents, Van Sa … (Antwerp)

Antwerp / Edegem – Louis Convents was sentenced to seven years in prison on Monday. The Edegem businessman was arrested at the hearing. The judge finds him guilty across the board: human trafficking, rape, harassment, blows and injuries. Guy Van Sande was acquitted for alleged violence against the then partner of Convents. Convents, according to […]

Spend 10 years with the Sun in 1 hour with this incredible time-lapse video

NASA gives us a nice gift: an impressive timelapse of Soleil allowing us to give a new insight into the activity of our star. An almost complete solar cycle Do not be too long ! The đź•· Spider-Man 🕸 complete set 8 movies and Blu-Ray 4K is available to order! This video was made thanks […]

Penile cancer market – What are the driving factors of the penile cancer market in the coming years and how it will impact the global industry

Research report on the world penile cancer market The latest report from Market Expertz on the penile cancer market provides valuable insight into the industry’s potential growth over the forecast period. Market trends, growth opportunities, other factors affecting industry progress and the main drivers of the market were discussed in this report. According to the […]

After their extinction 100 years ago, they seek to found a new population of red macaws in the Iberá National Park

Five red macaws were released in the last hours in the Esteros del Iberá and there are 15 specimens with which the authorities are trying to found a new wild population after its extinction 100 years ago. As reported by the foundation Rewilding Argentina In a statement, these are five juvenile specimens that “form the […]

First measurement of the spin-orbit alignment of a “Super-Jupiter” planet located 63 light years from Earth

New observations show that the stellar equator (right) is aligned with the orbital plane of the planet Beta Pictoris b (in the middle) and the plane of the extended disk of debris that surrounds the system (left). Credit: ESO / AM Lagrange; ESO / AM Lagrange / SPHERE consortium. Credit: Stefan Kraus Astronomers have made […]

Park Hye Soo in talks for his first drama in over 3 years

Actress Park Hye Soo could return to the small screen! A drama industry source told Ilgan Sports on June 29: “Park Hye Soo will star in the drama” Red Cuff of the Sleeve “, which will air early next year. . “ “Red Cuff of the Sleeve” is a story of the biological mother of […]

Detained in Malaysia for 13 years, 2 Princess Sunda Empire Ogah Akui …

loading… KUALA LUMPUR – Two women who claim to be nobles daughters Sunda Empire has been detained by the Immigration Department Malaysia for the past 13 years. They used a “diplomatic Sunda Empire” passport when they first arrived in Kuching, Sarawak, in 2007. The passport was not recognized by Malaysia. Worse, they refused to be […]

Vittorio Gassman, death twenty years ago: three masterpieces (and two goodies) to remember

the anniversary June 29, 2020 – 8:14 am The Mattatore of Italian cinema left on June 29, 2000: histrionic and shy, he marked the history of our big screen, alternating between theater and set. Here are five memorable films of Maurizio Porro For twenty years we have been orphans of Vittorio Gassmann (two Ns for […]