How Floyd’s protests turned into a 24-hour “busy city hall” in New York

It started on Tuesday evening when a hundred protesters began occupying City Hall Park in Lower Manhattan – with some staying overnight – in an effort to draw more attention to their demand for deep budget cuts in the department of police. In a few days, a movement took root. What started on a lawn […]

New York celebrates LGBTI + Pride Day

NEW YORK (AP) – There were protests, rainbow flags, performances and everything else typical of LGBT pride parade day. But what is normally a crowd of people on the streets of New York City, looked a little different this year, due to the social distancing measures implemented because of the coronavirus. With the huge LGBT […]

Presidential election 2020. Andrzej Duda wins in Chicago and New York

President Andrzej Duda won the first round of Polish presidential elections in the consular districts in Chicago and New York. RafaƂ Trzaskowski won in Houston. Picture Andrzej Duda /Piotr Molecki/East News /East News In the consular district in Chicago, President Andrzej Duda received 6731 votes, and Trzaskowski 2101. The third place was taken by Krzysztof […]

New York. The tragic death of a 19-year-old. She died during a birthday party

Erica Lopez was playing with friends in one of the rooftop bars in a Manhattan skyscraper. There they met a group of six people who joined the party. Initially, everyone got along great. Suddenly the party was interrupted by an unpleasant incident. One of the women touched the 19-year-old’s buttocks without her consent. She also […]

On a stroll in New York, the It girl shows off her buttocks like never before!

When Emily Ratajkowski roams around, the “sexy” is never far away. The it girl appears very regularly in very little outfit and is happy to display her voluptuous impeccable plastic through photos and videos that captivate her nearly 27 million subscribers on Instagram. The pretty brunette propelled into the spotlight following her appearance in the […]

For the New York Times, Biden’s trump card to conquer America is Tammy Duckworth

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images Woman, representative of an ethnic minority, moderately progressive, with a personal story that is not very exciting to define. A story made of sacrifices, pain, resilience, gratitude: first poverty, then the accident during the war in Iraq that cost both her legs, finally a political career conducted with “grace and […]

How fast did Concorde really fly from New York to London?

Concorde is known for many things, but especially its speed. He’s listed in the history books for the fastest crossing between New York and London, but how fast did he go? BA set the record for the fastest transatlantic crossing – how fast? Photo: Getty Images Concorde transatlantic record crossing The record for the fastest […]

The New York Times is lying, Trump has defended the Russians. According to the daily, they were supposed to motivate the Taliban to kill soldiers World

Washington US President Donald Trump considers the New York Times (NYT) report to be false, according to which he had intelligence that Russian intelligence was paying Taliban-rebel insurgents to kill US troops and other coalition forces in Afghanistan. Trump wrote this on Twitter on Sunday. The NYT refers to unnamed officials in Friday’s report. On […]

New York buried nearly 900 deaths from coronavirus in mass grave

Hundreds of those killed by coronavirus were buried in a mass grave in New York. Inhabitants of New York were shocked after images of the coronavirus deaths piled up in a mass grave were revealed. The Mayor of New York City admitted the burials of coronavirus victims in the mass grave, but said they were […]