Taiwan Excellence opens a new dimension in the plastics industry.

Taiwan Excellence opens a new dimension in the plastics industry.

Foreign Trade Office (BOFT) in Taiwan andTaiwan Trade and Export Promotion Council (TAITRA) Organize an online seminar on the subject “Exceeding Excellence with Taiwan Plastic Machinery” by inviting the award winning company Taiwan excellence size 4 The company came to offer plastic molding solutions. and solutions to the negative problems that arise in the industry Support a sustainable plastic production process And it helps manufacturers to run an environmentally friendly business.

Many countries have pledged to zero emissions by mid-century, improving productivity. and therefore reducing pollution in the plastic manufacturing process is an urgent matter. Taiwan’s plastics industry aims to contribute to the fight against climate change. from Taiwan’s leading plastic machinery and spare parts manufacturers, both 4 places including Chumpower, FCS, Polystar a HEALTH Showcased the latest products and technologies in this webinar. with the aim of making the plastics industry safer, more environmentally friendly and improving the industry

Mr. Larry Wei, President of Taiwan Machinery Industry AssociationTAMI) He said that with the value of Taiwan’s plastic machinery exports in the year 2564 up to 1.02 it increased billions of US dollars 13.5% This made Taiwan one of the six largest exporters of plastic machinery in the world. It has a well established reputation for high quality products. Taiwan also introduces intelligent machine solutions to control the production process to reduce material, energy and fluid waste, making Taiwan the best partner for companies aiming to build an environmentally friendly production line.

Chumpower Introducing bottle forming machines PET Recycling helps manufacturers maintain the strength of the bottle structure while reducing carbon emissions. to achieve business goals on sustainability as well FCS Introducing a sprayer that reduces energy consumption by up to 30%-70% and an intelligent control systemiMF4.0″ latest version that helps improve productivity flexibly Polystar Introducing the latest machines with a patented automatic plastic pelletizing system with an intelligent control system that can efficiently use recycled materials in the production line according to the principle of a circular economy HEALTH launch of lifting products andRiConnectApp” application IoT which gives advice that can be developed on their own It is used for large machines and moulds. Enable users to lift and move more safely.

This online seminar More people are interested in registering online. 185 a person who is a businessman and the media of 10 Countries include Germany, Poland, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

This webinar as part of the job TaipeiPLAS 2022 The largest plastic industry machinery exhibition in Taiwan There are more manufacturers 300 Ryu attends the hybrid trade show for a period of time. 5 days since then 27 September-1 October 2565. larrier eg By displaying a product in an online format displayed until the date. 27 October 2565. larrier eg

Foreign Trade Office (BOFT) in Taiwan andTaiwan Trade and Export Promotion Council (TAITRA) in collaboration with the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturing (FMM) Organize a seminar”Taiwan-Malaysia Smart Machines” on the day 9 November 2565. larrier eg by invitation 3 an award winning brand Taiwan excellence namely Buffalo Machines, HONOR SEIKI a Axisco precision machinery Showcasing intelligent metal processing solutions Taiwan is committed to offering benefits to upgrade the metal processing industry of its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

Watch the webinar on the subject “More Excellence with Taiwan Plastic Machinery” Webinar. go back on https://youtu.be/D8Ff_kvB9j4

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