Taiwan’s son-in-law Gu Jun-yeop and Seo Hee-am won the first pictorial “Destined Love”

A picture of the dance duo ‘Clone’ Gu Jun-yeop (53) and Taiwanese actor Seo Hee-won (Xu Si-yuan, 46) was released.

On the 30th, the couple released the cover photo of the October issue of Vogue Taiwan, a fashion magazine, on Instagram, respectively. Vogue Taiwan explained, “It’s a relationship we met again after 20 years,” and “It’s a fateful love veil for Seo Hee-won and Koo Jun-yeop, who are soaked in a happy atmosphere .” The couple in the picture are smiling brightly. He had a charismatic yet sweet atmosphere.

Goo Jun-yeop and Seo Hee-won announced their marriage in March this year. They met in 1998 and have been dating for about a year. Seo Hee-Wang married So-bi in 2011 and they have one son and one daughter. They divorced last November. On the 28th, Goo Jun-yeop posted a jewelry brand advertisement video on his SNS. It was captured when I first met Seo Hee-win 24 years ago. “This is a love letter I’ve been preparing for 20 years,” he said.

According to Chinese media Sina Entertainment on the 28th (local time), Seo Hee-won’s younger sister, actress Seo Hee-je (Xi Sidi), attended an event and was asked a question about her older sister. “My sister usually likes to lie in bed and watch dramas or eat. Now that I have a brother-in-law, I crush it. In the past, he used to walk to the bathroom on his own two feet, but now he calls ‘Oppa~’ and pretends he can’t move on his own. The brother-in-law takes the older sister and takes her to where she wants to go. Even the bathroom.” He said, “I told my sister to ‘give my brother-in-law a back protector’.”


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