“Take good care of my youngest son, my husband” … Public opinion divided on 37th ‘friendly couple’ marriage registration

YouTuber ‘Lovely couple’ uploads video of eating chicken together on the beach on the 3rd YouTube still

Active activities such as beach chicken mukbang after the announcement

After the ‘Couple Affectionate’ YouTuber, who became the hot topic of the 37-year age gap, registered their marriage and became a legal couple, they showed off their ‘newlywed chemistry’ by showing ‘Chicken Mukbang’ and ‘Homemade Mukbang’ on the beach. The couple posted on their YouTube channel on the 29th of last month, “My husband and I have registered our marriage. We finally became a legal couple.” His wife Ok (75), born in 1947, and ex-husband (38), born in 1984, registered their marriage in Donghae-si, Gangwon-do. From the 3rd , the video had over 110,000 views and 1,800 comments.

After the news of the couple’s marriage registration became known, public opinion was divided in half. The opinions that question the authenticity of the marriage report are mixed, saying, ‘Isn’t it to attract public attention?’ and congratulatory messages that bless the courage of both overcoming the age difference. Netizens who saw the video commented on the best comment, “Born at 47… My father died suddenly last year, and the same age registered a marriage this year… Life is so different…”’75 age .. .The life of a grandmother is amazing.’

YouTuber ‘Cwpl serchog’ announces the fact that they registered their marriage on the 29th of last month. YouTube capture

He said OK, “We were going to have a simple wedding in October. However, I do not think that the marriage can take place due to adverse circumstances. The wedding took some money. I am old and my husband is young, but my parents are not there, so we have to get together.” She continued, “The age difference is 37 years in the family register, and 36 years in reality. It is embarrassed and I’m sorry, but I will continue to work hard without breaking up. take a good look No matter how old I am, a woman is a woman. It’s a little sad that we didn’t do it in order,” she added. Jeon said, “Now we are a legal couple. I will live well.” “Thank you to everyone who has supported me. Today is the happiest and most meaningful day of my 40 years of life.”

YouTuber ‘Cwpl serchog’ uploaded a video of cooking and eating at home on the 2nd YouTube capture

Despite the fact that the couple’s marriage registration has since been announced and it has become a social issue, on the 1st, ‘The old seasoned chicken mukbang sold in the market that they used to eat as a child ☆ There is’ n tastes better when you eat it while listening to the sound of the waves’ on the 2nd, ‘Home cooked is the best ☆ Fish cake soup, fried fish cake, grilled mackerel , seaweed fried rice, and kimchi mukbang’ videos were uploaded one after the other.

Reporter Kim Seon-young

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