Tawanchai defeats Petchmorakot to win the new ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Championship

He is stuck in the waiting equation for the battle of UN 161: Petchmorakot vs Tawanchai. On Thursday night, September 29, 65, “Tawanchai PK. Saenchai Muay Thai Gym” seemed to have defeated the former champion “Petchmorakot Petchyindee. Kademi” to the extreme Become the King of ONE Featherweight Muay Thai People new, red labels, while “Sang Mani” and “Ferrari” can also win at home.

In the main event, Petch Morakot defends his ONE Muay Thai Flyweight World Championship belt for the 4th time against No. 1 Ranked contender “Tawanchai”.

Overview 5, pick up both of them, exchange weapons, put them on each other, it drops relentlessly Take turns to attack the outer and inner circles. Play to get the audience to win each other short of breath through the stomach But the judges’ collection agreed to raise their hands for “Tawan Chai” to win the unanimous vote. Pulled the belt out as intended

Although the other two representatives from Thailand succeeded, “Sangmanee PK. Saenchai Muay Thai Gym” returned to the ring in ONE in two years, facing a tough opponent from Shaolin, “Zhang Chenglong”, with both of them settle for a close exchange. After completing 3 rounds, the judges voted in favor of “Sangmanee” to win by a unanimous vote of 2 to 1

On the freshman side, the red label “Ferrari Fairtex” was launched for the first time, encountering a big competitor, “Han Shi Hao”, unable to weigh the bantamweight version. so the mid-ride model moved to a larger featherweight model. but no matter how big it is Thai boxers clearly control the game throughout 3 rounds. So there is no doubt about raising a hand unanimously for “Ferrari” to start the first victory in a beautiful way.

As for “Captain Petchyindee Academy”, the old opponent “Alaverdi Ramazanov” who competed for the kickboxing belt before, but this time “Alaverdi” has a better overall picture, both hinder the way and pushing back heavily Causing the Thai fighters to be shocked at the end of the match, completing 3 rounds, “Alaverdi” squeezed a unanimous score and “Captain” returned successfully.

Summary of all pairs

a couple in the list

  • Tawanchai PK, Saenchai Muay Thai Gym Won by unanimous decision Petchmorakot Petchyindee Academy (Muay Thai Flyweight Championship)
    -Roman Crecklia defeats Guto Inocente by TKO at 0.52 minutes of the first round (World Kickboxing Grand Prix Heavyweight Division)
    Iraj Azizpor defeats Bruno Chaves by unanimous decision (World Kickboxing Grand Prix Heavyweight Division)
    Seyid Isakamaev defeats Zhang Lipeng by unanimous decision (lightweight MMA)
    -Tiffany Teo defeats Ritu Fogat in 4:52 minutes of the first round (Atom MMA heavyweight bout)
    -Umar Khan defeats Batradz Gasaef by TKO at 2:15 minutes of round two

double import list
-Alaverdi Ramazanov won by unanimous decision Captain Petchyindee Academy
– Saengmanee PK Saenchai Muay Thai Gym Won by unanimous decision Zhang Chenglong (Muay Thai bantamweight bout)
Ferrari Fairtex defeats Han Shi Hao (Muay Thai Flyweight) by unanimous decision
Rodrigo Marello defeats Ruslan Bagdasserian Submission at 0:15 minutes of the first round (On Lock, Bantamweight bout)
Ali Foladi defeats Mateus Filipe by knockout at 4:20 minutes of round 1 (MMA middleweight)

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