Tears flow “Bow Wanda”. “Nong Mali” writes this for me. as a birthday present

Tears flow “Bow Wanda”. “Nong Mali” writes this for me. as a birthday present

Call it a cute moment that made Mae Bow, Wanda Sahuang, burst into tears in the morning. After seeing the birthday card in Nong Mali, her beloved daughter intended to make it to come with the amount of 1000 baht per card Nong Mali has drawn a family portrait with his father, Po, Theory, the deceased, hugging Bow’s mother behind her.

“Woke up this morning without washing my face and brushing my teeth. Found the first present of the year. It is a Mali card. Open it and see what’s there. Oh… Excited Ouch, I got a bill this year with a cute card. Ouch… so cute The little boy has now given money to his mother. Let’s see what the cards are written on. Oh…so cute Go back and look again. What do you see? Oh, there’s a dad hugging behind me.”

In addition, Mae Bow wrote the caption that “Every picture of me really conveys my feelings.”

In this event, there are many fans who commented on Nong Mali’s cuteness.

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