Tennis.-Djokovic and Murray create their perfect tennis player and debate on the best in history


Serbian Novak Djokovic and Scottish Andy Murray chatted this Friday through social networks and in the midst of being confined by the coronavirus crisis, and they took the opportunity to create what would be the perfect tennis player.

Both players stayed on social networks, in a fun conversation that started late because of ‘Nole’. The one from Belgrade arrived late to the live show, while Murray struck him off as punctual. The highlight of the talk was when they both built their perfect tennis player.

For number one in the world, the best tennis player would be the one with the serve of Kyrgios or Isner, the rest of Murray, Del Potro’s forehand, Murray’s backhand, Federer’s volley, Rafa Nadal’s mental strength and the Thiem or Ferrer’s physical condition.

Meanwhile, the British tennis player kept the service also of the Australian or the American, the rest of ‘Nole’, the right of Nadal, the reverse of the Serbian, the volley also of the Swiss, the winning mentality of Nadal and the physicist of Djokovic .

In addition, both spoke of the debate on how to choose the best tennis player of all time. “It would be a combination of ‘greats’, weeks at number one, Masters 1,000 … I think the ‘Grand Slam’ would have more weight, but it is difficult to say and I do not compare generations,” said the Belgrade man.

“I agree, but I think the three best players in history are playing in the same generation. No one competes on the ground like Rafa, Federer’s record at Wimbledon is the best and yours on hard court too. I feel that I’ve competed against the best ever on every surface, “said Murray.

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