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Nacho Doce / Reuters

In the electric vehicle market in North America (United States, Canada, and Mexico), there are currently two charger standards, one is the unique charging head used by Tesla, and the other is the Combined Charging System (CCS) used by everyone else. electric vehicle manufacturers. Tesla announced earlier that it will reveal the specifications and design standards of its unique charging head, renamed the North American Charging Standard (NACS), and hopes to be adopted by third-party electric vehicle charging networks.

Tesla claims that NACS has “no moving parts, is half the size of CCS, and has twice the charging power,” and that vehicles using NACS are “twice as powerful as all CCS combined , and Tesla’s Supercharger charging stations offer NACS The total number of charging columns is 60% more than CCS.”

Tesla seems to have reached a tipping point now: Although NACS is indeed better than CCS in terms of the number of vehicles or charging columns, this is mainly because Tesla has many years of first mover advantage. In fact, comparing Tesla user data between NACS and CCS is not really a victory for NACS, but CCS is about to catch up and threaten the hegemony of NACS. If Tesla doesn’t open up and try to set NACS as the standard before CCS fully catches up, Tesla may become a minority in the market. Ultimately, I’m afraid it will have to accept the CCS system just like Apple have left Lightning.

Tesla said third-party electric vehicle charging networks already “plan to add NACS to their charging stations,” but did not say which charging network or at what scale it will be launched. Tesla disbanded its PR team facing the media a long time ago, so it’s pretty hard to get information on this.

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