Tesla is testing self-driving systems with Unreal Engine 5

According to foreign media reports, Tesla is using a virtual machine for video games to simulate the urban environment of San Francisco, testing its self-driving and fully self-driving systems in a simulated environment before closing public roads for internal tests.

Foreign media “Electrek” quoted sources reporting that Tesla focused the simulation on the San Francisco area and obtained images of Tesla’s simulation of the construction of the city of San Francisco. In addition, Tesla uses the latest version of the virtual engine 3D computer graphics engine Unreal Engine 5, and the invited environment artists have also produced many popular games, such as “Fortnite” (Fortress Hero), “Valorant ” ( Special War Hero ) Wait.

Unlike other companies developing self-driving systems, Tesla doesn’t build high-definition maps to help its self-driving systems navigate, but uses its simulations to build “extreme situation” scenarios into self-driving software. drive them test.

The virtual engine was built by Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney, a well-known and highly respected software engineer in the video game world. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has communicated with Tim Sweeney on Twitter in the past.

Source: electrek

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