Thai ambassador to UN Hot Spots in GA77

source Matichon Daily Newspaper publish September 26, 2022

Thai ambassador to the United Nations
Hot Spots in GA77

Note ‘Matichon’ took advantage of the opportunity at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to speak to Mr Suriya Chindawong ambassador Permanent Representative of Thailand to the United Nations in New York on interesting issues that Thailand is pushing It includes an overview of the current direction and work situation in the United Nations.

0How do you see the UNGA meeting this year?

Last year’s UNGA 76 meeting was the year when all parties felt hopeful because it happened at a time when the COVID-19 epidemic was considered to be on the mend. Sustainable Development (SDGs), including many other issues

Later, when the situation happened in Ukraine. The world is changing again. Of course, we feel sorry for the misery of the people of Ukraine. But many countries see that the world cannot tie everything to Ukraine. Forced to choose a side that sees such action as unlikely to be a good outcome overall

Many countries think we need to pay attention to some other issues, and some have asked why the issue of Sustainable Development Goals is missing. Now the epidemic of COVID-19 is not all over, for example in Africa. Although many countries say that the situation has improved We are also facing the problem of climate change. Food shortages include rising energy prices.

So, at the 77th UNGA meeting, what Thailand would like to see is for people to turn their focus on Sustainable Development Goals in a practical way because in 2022 there will be a high level meeting on SDGs target SDGs As the timetable approaches for achieving targets’ r Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, there is still much to be done to ensure success. Be it health issues or fundraising to support sustainable development. which is currently experiencing stagnation

Most countries say that we should not have everything tied to Ukraine. Of course, we sympathize with the humanitarian issue that arises. Many African countries are questioning Africa’s long-standing conflicts but why does no one care. In addition to the World Bank, funding for Vokhid-19 worldwide is less than that for Ukraine, where the fighting has been going on for about seven months. Now everyone is trying to find a solution. But there are people who are still worried that the situation with Taiwan will get worse.

Overall, I believe that all operations must be balanced. We always adhere to humanitarian principles and human rights. Wherever we are, we want an end to fighting. including in the case of Myanmar but other problems of the world should not be ignored or solved.

Several reports have been produced about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had over the past two years, with one saying the events have left people poorer and at risk of “decline”. The state of poverty around the world has been going back four years, and rising food prices have made the situation even worse. Some say this is the result of a blockade of grain exports in Ukraine. while the other side said it was the result of the sanctions.

Of course, everyone sympathized with what happened. But all actions must be balanced. We must also take into account humanitarian principles and human survival elsewhere. But he admits that working at the United Nations is now more difficult.

0How was the general atmosphere of the UNGA meeting for the first time in 2 years?

The 77th UNGA was attended by self-appointed leaders from 120 countries and represented by delegates of various levels. This is the first plenary meeting in two years after the outbreak of COVID-19. And it comes at a time when many doubt what the United Nations can do. war problem conflict in different places covid-19 problem Expensive food and gas prices

At the very least, the United Nations can be a platform for shaping global policies and perspectives. We hope that if it is an issue that has a solution, it will have to be considered a solution by the international community. to help stimulate solutions to problems

0 What is the importance of traveling to attend the UNGA meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs?

This journey, as a whole, we have many goals together. But the overall picture is how to enable the United Nations to operate effectively and drive issues that benefit the Thai people and humanity. especially the issue of Sustainable Development Goals.

This is a matter of importance to the United Nations during the period when the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs met with Mr Antonio Guterres The UN secretary general also said that the issue of the Sustainable Development Goals is in crisis. because now there are many problems people do not pay attention therefore persuading the international community, including Thailand Let’s help make SDGs back to normal.

SDGs are an issue we have been pushing for a lot, but they are only one of many elements of Thailand’s focus. All of them are actually for long-term goals. What we do is to bring us peace, stability and prosperity, especially in the hope of transitioning from COVID to normalcy.

Deputy Prime Minister a Minister Don Focus on pushing SDGs and warned that the UN should not forget the point. including about health care Especially the issue of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), which promotes access to health services for all citizens in all countries. Because if people don’t have good health, they can’t fix SDGs problems either. In addition to the general human security issue, it is also an issue that Thailand pays attention to.

At this meeting we held a forum to discuss UHC issues. It was chaired by Japan, Georgia and the World Health Organization. Mr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus The WHO director general attended in person. It also held a parallel forum on the implementation of SDGs targets and sustainability after the recovery of COVID-19. As Thailand is the ASEAN sustainable development coordinator country. bringing regional cooperation to the world stage He also participated in the US ministerial forum for the Global COVID-19 Action Plan (GAP) for Advanced Partnership.

Thailand chooses to organize and participate in parallel forums on issues it considers win-win and beneficial to humanity. We do not want to see these issues become political. Because really, they are all useful in solving problems. This will ultimately contribute to creating human security at the heart of everything, along with solving global climate change and Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a balanced solution that really matters to the world.

We work globally and regionally to contribute to human security. Here’s what we’ve been doing over the past week. where world leaders and high-level delegates gathered at the UNGA arena

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