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A treasury manager from the Bank of Ayudhya revealed that the baht opened this morning at 37.97 baht / dollar, further depreciating. Because the market opens in the morning at 37.88 baht / dollar, moving according to the region and the world market. Because of the pressure to buy dollars of concerns. about the direction of interest rates of the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) and the global economic slowdown During the day, moving in a frame of 37.83 – 37.98 baht / dollar, while foreign capital flows out of the capital market.

Today, the baht is volatile. After opening, it came back to appreciate for a while and then came back to depreciate according to the region and the global market,” said a treasury manager.

treasury Assessing the movement of the baht tomorrow at 37.85 – 38.10 baht / dollar

  • an important factor

  • The yen was at 144.40 yen/dollar from early morning at 144.41 yen/dollar.
  • The euro was at $0.9622/euro from 0.9635 in the morning.
  • The SET index closed today at 1,610.58 points, down 10.67 points (-0.66%), with a trading value of 75,040 million baht.
  • Group Trading Volume Summary Foreign net sales of 1,715.33 million baht (SET+MAY)
  • The Kasikorn Research Centre, at the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting on September 28, said the MPC is expected to

The policy interest rate rose by 0.25% to 1.00% amid high inflationary pressures and the continued depreciation of the baht.

However, the MPC tends to gradually withdraw the economic accelerator. because the Thai economy is still fragile and

still not fully recovered

  • The World Bank revised its economic forecast (GDP) from 2.9% to 3.1% after the consumption sector.

travel and exports to recover But still affected by supply chain disruption (Supply Chain Disruption), which

Thailand will be affected more than other countries. especially automotive products For the year 66, the World Bank expects the Thai economy to grow on


  • The Finance Minister revealed that the Cabinet (Cabinet) had approved the matter. financial year public debt management plan

2023, focusing on implementing fiscal policy to stimulate the economy by investing in infrastructure and supporting the impact on the economy

caused by the volatility of oil prices in the world market as well as the unrest between Russia and Ukraine.

  • The meeting of the Cabinet (Cabinet) decided to approve the drafting of the announcement of the Ministry of the Interior. To improve the target industry

It is meant for foreigners who are highly skilled professionals, investors, high-level executives and entrepreneurs to start. have the right to enter

Living in the Kingdom as a special case (Smart Visa) from the original 13 target industries to 18 target industries

  • The Ministry of Tourism and Sports and Krung Thai Bank (KTB) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOU) in gathering

Domestic tourism habits of foreign tourists spending on tourism management and development including spending on

Providing insurance to foreign tourists during domestic travel

  • A team of analysts at Morgan Stanley warned that a strong dollar posed an unprecedented risk.

it can be controlled This could lead to another economic and financial crisis.

  • Morgan Stanley predicts that China will ease measures to contain COVID-19 and open the country again within the spring of the year

page, which could help the economy improve. The comments are in line with other major investment bankers.

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