Thai kids are cool! Creating digital innovations to support the aging society

The National Health Commission Office (NHSO) in collaboration with the National Health Security Office (NHSO) and Krung Thai Bank organize togetherCompetition on policies and social innovations of the new generation in developing a readiness system to support Thailand’s aging society by drafting health policy and digital innovations for a health Conference Day under the project “Thailand Youth Policy Initiative – TYPI by IFMSA -Thailand 2022” On October 1, 2022, 150 teams submitted applications for the competition.

Top prize winners include “Team PM” with their contributions, the revolving medical device policy “med for all” and the “med for all” digital platform for access to medical devices.

Second best, “Navat girl” team from the public digital platform for creating value for the elderly, ‘Mee Dee’ application

2nd prize, “Team Eldente” in the work of the policy of taking care of malnutrition in the elderly by using the digital platform “Happy”

Honorable Mention Award, Kor Kor Team for the work of the policy Everyone involved in caring for the elderly and the application “Older people are happy”

The veteran’s favorite prize is the young but healthier team.

  • Open opportunities for new generations to create innovations to support the aging society.

Dr. Prateep Thanakijcharoen, general secretary of NESDB He said that Thailand has now fully entered an aging society. But the care is difficult and complex. It’s not just about health. but it must be linked to the economy, society, and the environment. to be the one who will take care of the country in the future has collected Bring what you are good at, which is digital. bring innovation as well as policy proposals that will see that the work entering the competition is very good and has its own concept

Many proposals made in this area will lead to further involvement in policy proposals. While the agencies involved in work today will have a stronger handshake. as Krung Thai Bank, which is already strong in terms of service and digital, it is expected that the concept can be used to further develop the service system.

Thai kids are cool!  Creating digital innovations to support the aging society

As for the National Council for Peace and Order, there will be promotion for the youth. These will be grouped together to network and carry out further studies, including joining the National Assembly in December, which will address universal income insurance. or basic income and improving the quality of life for the elderly

  • health innovation with Thai children’s creativity

Dr. Attaporn Limpanyalert, Deputy Secretary General of the NHSO. He said that NHSO has health care Health promotion and disease prevention for all Thai peopleadvantagesThen the patient does not have to worry about the cost of the treatment. because I have to admitmedical expensescan bankrupts But even so During the covids, we can clearly see that even if we have money, illness could be difficult to access treatment.

Therefore, good health is crucial. This is a certain level of stability, but we still need some tools. some idea is an innovation that makes Thai people have access to good health that the children do Everyone who is sent in is creative and has good intentions. and it will be a power for the country in the future, which it asks for encouragement and is ready to support in order to move forward together

Thai kids are cool!  Creating digital innovations to support the aging society

  • Thailand Youth Policy Initiative 2022 Creating technology for the elderly

Mr. Tawatchai Cheewanon, Executive Vice President of Krung Thai Bank said Krung Thai Bank Join to support the Thailand Youth Policy Initiative 2022 project to drive and give the new generation a chance to innovate and use technology. along with creativity to create new innovations Focus on the preparation system to support Thai aging society

By integrating the four dimensions of public health, the economy, the environment and society, which align with the Bank’s business guidelines. who are ready to drive the organization to grow together with society Bring technological and financial developments to improve infrastructure to drive the country towards the digital society of the future. Ready to connect with the bank’s 5 core ecosystems

Thai kids are cool!  Creating digital innovations to support the aging society

in terms of medical treatment and health Krung Thai Bank introduces technology to increase the efficiency of public health services Providing Thai people from birth to the elderly to have thorough access to health services. Equally and healthier through Health Wallet or health wallet on the wallet application by the results of this competition being brought forward for the benefit of Thai people in all dimensions According to the vision “Krung Thai alongside Thailand towards sustainability”

while Dr. Peeradon Dusadeevetkul and Dr Darin Tangsithitham Third year medical students from the PM team togetherProvide information that, after receiving the competition question, they gathered together to find information and plan to develop innovations and policy proposals. we think because Thailand has joined an aging society. If nothing is resolved, the state will need to spend more than 1 trillion baht from the national budget of 3.5 trillion baht to care for the elderly in dependent conditions.

Therefore, it is important to prevent health problems before entering the addiction state. Partly if people have access to expensive medical equipment. helps to reduce the disability of having to rely on and therefore invent applications that include the circulation of medical equipment to borrow and propose that the government consider this policy and develop innovations to be practical

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